Whats the future of Stonehearth?

so i was just curios what will happen after the full release of Stonehearth (even if it will be awhile before that…)

(A) will the game be released as a done deal.
(B) it takes on a minecraft like style and continues to update after its release.
© no one is sure yet.

im guessing it will be A. once Stonehaearth is completed they will start working on Stonehearth 2 :wink:

i will leave this open for discussion/debate.

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If I remember correctly: Tom has said on stream on multiple occasions that the game will not get to release and suddenly end development

So I’m going with B


you are correct sir …

when this question has come up in the past, that is Tom’s typical response… the game will eventually reach a state that TR considers a “full” public release… but SH will continue to be worked on “for as long as there is a community interest”…

having said that, there are also rough design ideas for SH2 and SH3… :wink:


'Im going with B also, and would like to add the fact, that the Modding community will help keep this game growing outside of Dev’s too


they have said that after release they will keep updating like with dwarves and other stuff so take B case closed and here is my proof: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1590639245/stonehearth/description


thanks for the info guys glad to be a bit more knowledgeable in the ways of stonehearth :wink:

Wasn’t Stonehearth 2 the one where you get to walk around your player built cities? Can’t wait for that one!


yes that’s the one, and stonehearth 3 was the one where you built dungeons and had to defend them from a hero, it possibly tied into stonehearth 2. cant remember.

Not trying to be so vage but i think bolth are pretty good of ideas A will provide a quick creation of SH2 and 3

B will provide a bigger game then perhaps even they expected

and yes

SH2 is playing in tre sight of a hearthling hero.

and SH3 is a Dungeon Master
creating dungeons in witch the SH2 players can use.
possibly being able to micro-manage blocks and puzzles, traps if i expect


It might just be me…but it sounds entirely possible that the modding community might beat Radiant to those ideas with just the first game. I don’t doubt the power of dedicated (devout) fans.

In regards to keeping the main game alive for ongoing development…there seems to be pretty healthy interest in the game already, so I wouldn’t be surprised to start seeing Stonehearth merchandise in the later part of this year. It’d actually be kind of impressive to start seeing Radiant’s stuff alongside all the Minecraft items out there–whether or not I want it to get that big, though, I’m still not certain.


Hopefully B, though Wise Old Man Voice “Stonehearth’s future. It is… Bright!”

“Oh, Too bright! Oh my eyes! AHHH!!!”

hears another question, upon its “official” release will it be available in hard copy? as in a can go down to ans EB Games and buy a copy, or will it only be digital?

digital only most likely

having said that, there are also rough design ideas for SH2 and SH3… wink

uhh…wha!!! *freaks out, mind blown, head hits keyboard because of blown mijk[0a98weyt

Hopefully B, though Wise Old Man Voice “Stonehearth’s future. It is… Bright!”

“Oh, Too bright! Oh my eyes! AHHH!!!”

“We must find the piece of resistance!” Hahaha probs not that quote but still hilarious!

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doh… :disappointed: i was guessing it would only be digital, still always hoping that we’ll get hard copy :smile:

Lets not get too far ahead of ourselves… The game still crashes ever hour or so. Let us get to release before anything gets mentioned about a sequel. :wink:

well @Tom has mentioned SH2 and SH3 in some of the live streams… :wink:
also, am i the only one who doesn’t ever have my game crash?


My game usually does not crash for several hours, but I am constantly getting stuck hearthlings every time I play. So, while they may want to do a sequel, they have to get the first one done before anything else.

well that’s somewhat obvious :wink:

You would think so, but with all the wackiness that has happened with indie game development lately… Better safe than sorry.