Achievements in game? :)

Is there by any chance that achievements is going to be putt in the game?


yeah, I’d quite like that! Although, watch your spelling on Achievement and put xD. I’m not sure if achievements will be implemented, but I think that in future that the devs probably will consider it (maybe :confused:) but this is a game in alpha, so it may be a while, as achievements in all honestly don’t really improve on the actual quality of the game. Content and lack of bugs however do make the game much better, so at the moment I reckon that the devs aren’t really concentrating on achievements. After all, achievements are merely something to show how the player increases in skill, and that (in this stage of the game) is not at all important. But this is all in my personal opinion.

Although, as I said, it would be great to have achievements, as it will give the users something else to stride for!


It could be silly things like failing to complete a goblin request or reaching certain points in the campaign, losing or receiving a hearthling, or playing a kingdom outside of its favorite biome.

Achievements are good advertises too. Friends will be curious about the game you are playing.

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Achievements may be good or bad (to present it clearly).
You can see them as something you want to reach again and again, giving you the feeling you can’t stop playing until you got some of them. That’s what I call a good point (unless you’re completely hypnotized).
But some players may see them as something they reach and once they did all the available achievements they won’t see any reason they’d continue to play the game. That’s what I call a bad point.

Of course, that’s really a big cliche of the several possibilities but that makes us thinking about the achievements: we want the players not being bored.
How ? By thinking about these. What will be these achievement ?
They’ll have to be reachable without being too hard. And not too easy (except for one of two in order to give a first good impression) otherwise the game would be boring too quickly.

Agree. That actually happened in a game I followed before. It was a fighting game. Suddenly the developer thought it would be a good idea to implement a level system… All players shifted their behaviors, instead of playing for fun, to get better, defeat each other etc, they were all playing to reach max level, and when reached, they simple stopped playing, until next version with a bigger level cap.

That’s why for me achievements should not be about progression, just remarkable moments. Or else players will reach that level of progress get the achievement, feel accomplished and stop playing, until something new pop-ups…


Absolutely. For me achievements should only be a bonus.
Consider SH has 10 achievements. Several players did obtain all of them but they still play the game.
Why ? Because the game goes further than the achievements. If we imagine one as “Get your 20th villager”, the game should push us to get more villagers. The game should not stop where the achievements are.
The limits should be achievements but the game itself. Otherwise again that would make players stop playing because they reached the final achievement and there’s nothing more to do.

But now, I don’t find ach. really necessary. There’s more important :slightly_smiling:

I think it would make the game more interesting but for now not realy necessary. Just thinking about a desktop tuesday from a little while ago, they said they were improving the game performance before developing ‘late game’ functions. Like achievements is a late game thing, the game will start lagging and bugging long before we get there. They will first make sure you can get to the late game and later focus on the gameplay.

Little bit extra information, looking at the trello and roadmap the devs made I can’t seem to find achievements on the to-do list soon either

Achievements should definitely be one of the last things they add to Stonehearth. It can be fun to think of them though. I imagine stuff like killing a Titan, or chopping down your 1000th tree, or getting a footman to max level would all be in there.

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^ And Steam badges for them!

As a person who loves to complete games not only by completing story (often several times, on diffrent difficulties and in diffrent ways if game allows it) but also by obtaining all achivements that game has to offer, I say - yes, achivements and steam badges/cards would be great in Stonehearth!

Buuuuuut… it’s not necessary in such game (It is great game even without them) and not necessarly now. Now we need more classes, items, races… better optimalization - just more content.