Things which i would love to see in the game

I think this would be good for me to post my own suggestions (and others)

  1. PLease make the priority list changeable by us (a few other games do this) or make it so that, if you set out mining/harvesting/etc that the hearthlings finish that particular job before moving on to somehting else

  2. I think it would be nice if we could choose to ally ourselves with the goblins, so they don’t have to keep demanding tribute (we should be able to demand tribute from them)

  3. Please make it so that we can explore the full map (not just a cell of it when we embark)

  4. Please add steps/stairs into the game and/or the ability to make multy stories, it can be confusing when trying to do so yourself

  5. Please make trees re-growable or plantable

  6. Maybe add a seed generation? (so for example something like leetore123 would give you more minerals/ore… this might also get rid of the lush/dense/scarce locations… might be too long to code?

  7. Add a through the ages tech tree for example, when you first start you can only build out of wood/stone… then you would have to research tech to take you to the next age where you can start crafting metalweapons etc (guns maybe… and maybe eventually, machinery to help with certain tasks?) Also might be awkward to code?

That’s all i can come up with at the moment… (i couldn’t find a general suggestions list, if one exists, please point it out)



The game master is going to be heavily upgraded later on with much more fluid events :slight_smile:

This is confirmed to happen.

Multiple stories are on the near future plans, i do not know about stairs though.

There is going to be a renewable wood resource


wow, i didn’t know about all that, i looked at the roadmap o course, but had no idea where to look for the other stuff… thanks

on the roadmap is also a link to trello where you can find the next steps and in the streams on twitch are lots of extra infos :wink: and you can already build steps with slabs ^^

thank you @Wiese2007 for that info, but concerning the steps out of slabs, it is a bit time consuming building layers of slabs, then building a wall step-by-step to enclose them… make a mistake on row 10 and your on row 32… you have to remove everything until you get back to row 10 :wink:

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yes i know ^^ but its possible :wink: later they will defintly add this ^^

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ok well i will look at the trello thingy in a bit… please keep this topic open,m incase any one else has suggestions to add, as i did intend it for mass use, thanks

Hope they do even a Coop mode for 2 player that start like 100m away from each other.

You can save and edit (well when they work right :stuck_out_tongue: )your slab creations with the blueprints. Just make a small couple sets of differing stair sections ready to implement stairs. :slight_smile: hope it helps you save some time.

hmmmmmmmmmm nice idea! for the meantime blueprints of stairs ^^ like 10 high 20 high etc ^^

also anotherway very easy way is to use the the new mining function where you can set block for block ^^ but you must enable first ““show_in_progress_ui” : true,” in the usersettings - but becarefull this will also enable other UI that doesnt work like taskmanager build stairs ^^


whats a spoiler? I mean i know what a spoiler is, but if it was meant to be clickable, it isn t:) )

hmmmmm … have someone a list of discourse commands? … i think i have the wrong one ^^

or you could just pm me, if you don’t want anyone else knowing :stuck_out_tongue:

i have send you a pm … but a commandlist would be also great xDDDD

small text

<small>text here</small>

spoiler text

[spoiler]text here[/spoiler]

hmm… I know there are some other options, which aren’t in the toolbar… what else were you looking for, perhaps? :smile:


thank you and … all :wink:

at the moment i look on if i can find there an full list ^^

Yeah I am trying real hard to stay away from all the extra features not “Technically” in the game yet :). Might be losing the battle soon :stuck_out_tongue:

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because of the translation i use them already ^^ so that i can work a little bit forward - so that after the release of a new version there isnt so much to translate and i can release the new languagemod faster for all the german youtuber ^^

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This has been promised, in due time. One of the hotkeys will bring up a menu for controlling priorities.

This suggestion deserves a post of its own. I did a quick search through the discourse and found nothing similar (although @steveadamo will probably find one.) I think it would be worth it for you made a new post for that one :smile:

will do so, cheers ok i need to type 20 charcters minimum??? well this should do it… insert something meaningful here (the discourse need to be changed :stuck_out_tongue: )