my suggestions for the game

Hello dear developers of the game I’m a fan of your game, and I would like to see improvements in your game, such as:
1 in the gameplay have difficulties with the construction of many storeyed buildings Stairs of blocks workers simply refused to build them and if they built something only half ask Sofas finalize the construction of buildings
2 I would like that it was possible to configure the function of not only digging a 4 x 4 but the ability to customize this function arbitrary example of 4 x 3 x 2 and 7 etc.
3 I would like to see a big races in your game such as gnomes they would be smaller and slower than normal people but would have had more life and they would not have been a carpenter and potter in the beginning and kamenschik respectively, then you need to add dveeri windows made of stone, as well as I would like that that would be the original buildings have been pit vyratye into the break with razstavlennymi rooms that is right away ready structure in the mine hit the lump of stone in the mountain here’s dining room and bedroom.
4 and I would like that when stavish building under construction, the system calculates how the furniture you are missing, and immediately offered to put them at the potter carpenter or a job that he would have made them it would have been much more convenient.
5 I would like to play as the goblins for example but that I had not exactly thought through.
That would be what changes we would like to personally I’ll see if At least half of this will become a reality, I will be very happy

Google translator translated the text so that it may contain errors.

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  1. They are working to improve that one. If memory serves they are planning to improve that over the next couple to few after A14. It is an on going process.
  2. That would be an interesting one. A variable choice in size.
  3. They have a few factions/races planned. Although gnomes sounds like another interesting one to have.
  4. yes having in options or just a secondary “?” to have add components in building to crafting ques would be nice for those that don’t micro-manage that much.
  5. I thought there was a mod for that, but hmm… Might be thinking of another game. Although more likely not compatible with current version just yet if there is. Haven’t noticed any yet. But interesting, as the more races to choose from the more we have to play.

Yeah despite google translate almost butchering what you said, at least it was not too much, and understandable. That is at least wasn’t too difficult to figure out what was meant, I think.

These are just my opinions, as I always myself like seeing improvements and know quite a few are coming eventually in many of the areas. :smiley:

Radiant have said that number 5 won’t be in the base game, but it should be pretty easy to make with mods, so we will probably see it :slightly_smiling:

I really like number 2 and number 4, hope they’ll add it!


Set as Russ gnomes would be very reasonable as it is very popular among the games and making them the game would be ahead of the game, such as kraft Gnomoria the world and they say it’s all we have and even in 3D !!! The same could be done for the dwarves place of habitual farms from outside the farm in Pesher with mushrooms that were grown from the comfort of their mines.
I decided to extend the list
6. I would like that it was possible to put the stairs without the help of the workers, and they just put the right face that would not have to wait for the workers it would be very convenient. but such as it is the first one would have to make them from a carpenter.

again sorry for Google translator

7 I would like to assign each person living area . Well, or even bed saying this bed craftsmen and smiths should not go to bed on it .

Hey there @Vladislav26rus, welcome to the Discourse. Great ideas all around, but as previously mentioned, #5 is not planned by the devs, though #6 & #7 are.

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This part seems to fit better somewhere in #support


Agreed, if you are having issues with buildings not being completed, check out the link below. There are instructions on how to save the building as a template and upload it so the devs can look into why it will not complete.