Various additions and improvements

  1. Stone window frames.
    I am missing these when building stone buildings. Stone buildings with wooden window frames are not always that good looking (in my opinion), so I think that some stone window frames would be a good addition to the game.

  2. The fisherman.
    I’m sure it has been suggested before, but I’m still quite in favour of adding this new occupation to the game. Or at least some more interaction between the hearthlings and water would be nice.

  3. Upgraded backpacks for workers.
    Basically, a backpack that contains more slots for the hearthlings. This could be something the weaver could make, being level 4 or 5, as it increases the efficiency quite well.

  4. The ability to remove walls while in building mode.
    Or I’ve been doing things very wrong, but once I’ve placed the walls, I cannot remove them anymore if I want to change the floor, other than clicking the undo button for a while. In that case it is best to remove the design and start from scratch, which could be a pain if your building is nearly complete, but you just wanted to make that slight change to the floor shape.

  5. Indoor walls
    It would be nice to be able to make indoor walls, in order to make different rooms that serve different purposes (bedroom, kitchen (food supply), living room, and whatever more you can come up with).


I tend to use freestanding walls or the slab tool for interior walls


After placing the roof, you can place freestanding walls as interior walls :slight_smile: I think the building editor is worked on and improved continuesly every alpha?

I love the idea of some stone windows (and doors) being added to the main game.

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Another thing (which surely is a mod) that would be cool (a little twisted and F*cked up, but cool) would be enemies heads on pikes (heads work like loot, enemies can drop them after they die), If you take a goblin`s head and place it on a pike, then any goblin raiders will have a side effect in combat: low morale or fear, which makes them lose courage. The same with orcs, but ogre heads work with all enemies (including wolfs) at the prize that ogres rarely drop their head in combat(5% chance or less)
IK that it would turn this game more into a more adult game, but whatever

Me too, but you can’t place doors in slabs, which is unfortunate

You just have to leave a space for them

edit: Sorry was on my phone to reply this. You can add the object into a slab wall using the placement ui and having one of the items you want in the template you just have to leave the space for the object in question. It allows for much more interesting builds, another trick i use is to stack buildings on top of eachother to make one complete building, but if done right, you can make the slice tool look at each layer of building.