Manually edit roofs and walls

I love the building system of Stonehearth. You can create the bulk of a building with a few clicks and drags and then use slabs to add a bit of detail. However, if I edit my roof into an L shape with slabs or add a few support beams to my walls for style, these features remain visible if I select the viewing option of viewing a house with it’s walls down. This is off course because the slabs are slabs and are not marked as walls. I would like to be able to edit my roofs and walls manually.

In my opinion, the best way to do this would be to add an expand roof and an expand walls function. In the picture where you select which part of the house you are building you could add a dormer to edit the roof and a side wall extending out from the side of the building to edit the walls. The build menu below would be similar to that of the slabs building menu. However if you add this ‘slab’ to the building by clicking the roof/wall it would become part of that roof/wall. Off course you could only add this slab in places where there is a roof/wall adjacent just like you can only add floors on certain heights.

Furthermore, to be able to customize a wall or roof you must also be able to remove parts of it. Now, if I’ve placed a wall I am unable to remove it (unless I use the undo function) or edit it’s size or shape in any way. It is understandable that the eraser tool didn’t work on walls since if you’d remove any part you couldn’t fix it anymore, but when you can add parts of walls and roofs this failsafe is no longer needed. I think adding this tool would free up a lot of possibilities for buildings and take a heavy limit off of the creativity that can be used.

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