Is there (or should be) a way to amend/expand a finished building?

The title is self-explanatory but just to be more precise.
Once a building is finished I can’t seem to find a way to add things (let’s say a built a manor and want to add a wing). Even if I could just build a “new building” next to it, the main problem is usually the rooftops. The only option is to build a sort of “corridor”, with a flooring as roof, that connect the building but I need to have built the previous building with a door already where I want to connect it to something else, otherwise I won’t be able to even add a door to a wall.

On a related subject, is there a way to efficiently build “internal” walls without screwing with the roof placement? I find that pretty much always if I plan the building with a not-so-common shape, the roof placement goes to hell. To give you an example just think about a T shaped building with an internal wall to divide the vertical space from the horizontal. I still am trying to understand how to build it without the roof messing everything up.

There is currently no way to edit a building after it is told to be built… however eventually there will be a complete overhaul of the building system which will have the ability to edit/change already existing buildings.

also its generally better to manually build your own roofs rather than use the roof tool which doesnt work 90% of the time unless the building is a perfect square/rectangle. you can do this by using the block by block building.

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Thank you for the tip about the roof. Not ideal but at least effective :slight_smile:

Who do you build the roofs? slab tool? These blocks don’t became invisible when changing visibility modes, making impossible to see inside.

If you build each story and the roof as a separate building, the slice tool should work to see inside. Hopefully, there will be a proper way to view stories in one building eventually.

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One option is to save the blueprint of the building every time you create a new one. Then, if you want to change the building, you can have the hearthlings demolish it (which gives you exactly the same resources back) and use the blueprint to reconstruct it, but with any additions added in. Of course this is a time-consuming process, and it means you have a lot of blueprints to sort through… the only other up-side I can think of is that you’ll quickly gain a large supply of blueprints to use in future.

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