Need help with Roofs not meant on a house but an exension

HI fellow Hearthlings

I have a problem I would like to solve. I tend to make workshops for my builders by adding a flat roof(made by the bricks option in the editor) next to the main house and 2 pillars at the end. this works great and looks good.But the problem begins when you push the button to remove the roofs to see inside. as these flat structures aren’t really roofs it doesn’t remove them , thus blocking my vision
is there a way in the editor to add a roof to a construction without having placed the editors walls??
or is there a way to remove the walls so only pillars remain??

can you upload yoru save so i can take a look and see if i can figure something out for you

Unfortunately no. There are a few pre designed buildings in the game for you to use. The buildings that use the same concept you are describing also leaves the roof on when changing the building view.