[NaB] Can't consturct a roof on a simple 4 walls square building

I would love to put up a screenshot but the game crashed and my laptop doesn’t have print screen for some reason.

OS: Windows 8.1
SH Version: 0.1.0

Running from steam.

So here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  • Go into the building editor
  • Click design new custom building
  • Select and build 4 linked walls in a square
  • Select the roof button, leaving it on default settings
  • Select a part of the building where the mouse pointer changes to a roof, indicating that a roof can be built
  • Click where this occurs
  • The roof fails to appear, i.e. the plans for it, and the cursor changes to an ‘x’

This still happens when I go back and try again, when i close the building editor and try again and even closing the game down.

I can change the roofs on the default, pre-made, buildings but not my own.

Can you place the roof if you place a floor and use the button that automatically lifts up the walls?

Yeah, using linked walls results in no roof. If you want to build a custom building with a roof, you have to use the ‘grow walls’ tool, after selecting a floor.


Thank you, why can’t you use custom walls then?

Perhaps the system can’t determine what is the inside and the outside?
Or it would allow to make a building without a floor?

I have no idea. Paging @Ponder, @sdee

I have no idea why it doesn’t work, honestly :slight_smile: It’s just something I’ve come across during gameplay. If you want to work with the custom walls, you can still make a ‘roof’ out of slabs, though! I’ve done that bunches of times, if I want a building that abuts the side of a mountain, or oddly spaced openings.

first you must make a big flooring in the shape you like then use the growth tool and then you can use the pillars to make innerrooms ^^ its a bit tricky but it works xD

i think they have used two systems: one for only walls (for the stronghold) and one for the housebuilding ^^ lets look what ponder oder sdee says ^^