[Update] Unable to edit buildings in edit menu (new: double click with eraser removes windows and doors)

Maybe I’m missing something. I am unable to edit building walls, doors, windows or roof once I have them placed. I can edit individual blocks and the floor, but if I create a free standing well, regular wall, roof, windows, etc, I can’t remove them or replace them.

Please correct me if I’m missing something.

For the windows and doors, I’m afraid at the moment you have to use the undo button to get rid of them.

For the walls and roofs, once you’ve placed them, you can click on them to select them, then on the building editor click on the correspondent tool, and then click on the options you want to change. It will only affect the wall/roof/column that you have selected, so to change the colors of all walls you might have to do it one by one.

Walls, roof, windows and doors unfortunately have no “Eraser” tool. To change their configuration you have to use undo button. Since you can undo only a few steps, save your construction regularly at milestones.

If you however need to change wall or roof material/color, not its starting configuration, edit them as Relyss said.

Well it happened to me quite allot that the undo button no longer works to correct the thing i just did or placed. At first no problem but after a while it stops working.

I think that someone mentioned that after loading a game, the undo button loses the history so you can’t undo if you had a building half-designed.

I don’t know the limits of the undo history but I managed to undo quite a lot of changes several times (but I didn’t save/load).

I can confirm. Reloading clears undo history.

I made a pleasant discovery, where I am able to remove windows and doors by double clicking on them with the eraser button.
Existing walls and ceilings are still difficult to remove, especially if they already exist in a template, but it’s made building much and modifying and fixing mistakes that much easier.
Thank you everyone for your responses.

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