Building Creator tool undo and remove problems

Sorry if this is a dupe. I see several bugs about the building creation tool, but cannot seem to find ones that specifically mention the issues I have found.

problem 1
When you remove (either undo or eraser tool) a door or window (anything inside a wall), the object is removed but the wall is not repaired. This makes it so you cannot place a new object in it’s place.

problem 2
When you remove (undo or eraser) a roof, the wall is not restored to it’s original configuration. This makes it basically impossible to replace the roof with another roof.

Steps to reproduce:
You probably do not have to do as much work to get these issues to happen, but I know for sure that these steps work, since it has happened multiple times following them (100% of the time).

problem 1

  1. draw an irregular shaped, two story building, without any doors or windows
  2. after drawing it, but before finishing the building, add some wooden doors and windows (any type) to the exterior walls.
  3. either undo or use the eraser tool on the doors and windows you placed
  4. notice that hole in the wall now exists where the door/window was
  5. notice also that you cannot choose the same door/window or a new type of door/window and place it in the hole

problem 2

  1. draw an irregular shaped two story building, at least 14X14
  2. add a ‘catwalk’ or ‘balcony’ to the second floor
  3. add a roof with a slant on all sides, a height of 4, and an overhang matching the size of the catwalk or balcony
  4. either undo or ‘erase’ the roof
  5. notice that the walls remain adjusted to accommodate the roof, at least partially
  6. notice also that you cannot place another roof style or the same roof style back on the top of the building. it simply will not allow it to be placed.

Expected Results:
problem 1
When you remove a door or window (or other object inside a wall), the wall should get repaired to it’s original state, in addition to removing the object. The whole should be refilled, and I should be able to place another object (door or window) exactly where that one was, without any problems. I should be able to ‘shop for windows’ or ‘shop for doors’ until I find the ones that look correct on my building.

problem 2
When I remove a roof, the automatic adjustments made to the walls for that roof, should be reverted back to their original pre-roof state. If the roof is on the second floor, the walls on the second floor should be reverted to exactly 6 blocks tall, making the house a total of 14 blocks tall (including foundation).

Actual Results:
problem 1
Currently, when I remove an object from inside a wall (like a door or window) using either the undo button or the eraser tool, a hole remains where the object was. That hole is not manually repairable. I cannot place a new door or window where that one was.

problem 2
Currently, when I remove a roof (either with undo or the eraser), the walls of the floor that the roof was attached to, stay extended. Walls that should be 6 blocks tall, are now 10 blocks tall, and I have no way of adjusting the height of said wall manually. This is preventing me from putting another roof on top of the building. If I didn’t save during the building creation, I have to start over.

At this point, the only way to actually ‘shop around’ for doors and windows and roofs, is to save the building very very frequently, and reload if you choose one that you do not want to keep. This is very annoying and basically makes the tool completely unusable in a real gameplay scenario, at least for me, someone trying to create their own buildings instead of the templated ones.


Version Number and Mods in use:
Version: release-701 (x64) - Alpha 20.
Mods: No mods.

System Information:
Processor: AMD FX 4130 Quad-Core Processor 3.80GHz
Memory: 24GB
Video Card: AMD Radeon 6900 Series (4.5.13399 Compatibility Profile Context 15.200.1062.1004)
OS: Windows 7 Professional