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Removing Walls

We really need an option to be able to use the Delete Tool to remove walls like with all the other ingame building parts for many reasons.

I find that often there is a bug that don’t let the Revert Tool to work and if it’s when placing a Wall and it gets misplaced you pretty much have to remove the entire building and when this happens it’s often when your building something big atleast is for me.

Important for Designing
Other reason which is also a big one is that we really want to be able to delete all parts of buildings it feels strange that not all works with the Delete Tool and sometimes when you design you might want to remove a wall because you got a new idea for your building or it was wrong put ect ect.
Currently if this happens you have to use the Revert Tool until you hit the part where you put the wall and pretty much remove most of the building just to change or fix a wall and many times this is not even possible due to the Revert Tool not working.

Would love to see the possibility to remove walls in the future


He is totally right, the wall tool is quite uncomplete
you can’t remove walls, you can’t change the height, max length 18

It’s the same for roof tool

When I build complex structures I never use the wall tool, only the “one block tool”


Yes this is becoming more and more of an issue, yesterday I spent 5 1/2 hours on a build and on the second floor I mis-counted my wall spacing and the undo tool chose not to work so 5 hours worth of work GONE! Started today got 3 hours into rebuilding it and again I messed up on the walls and the undo tool again is not working. Day Two: Second Build Attempt Said Outloud; Im starting to really regret the time Ive wasted working on a build in this game when I could just go back to […this other game…] and not have as many issues.


Really hope that we can get delete for the walls soon and make revert work like it should always


Not only the Undo Tool, but also the Eraser Tool.

Please, please let us use the eraser tool to remove any building element. I’d like to be able to click on walls, windows, stairs, furniture etc and just erase it if its not right. The undo tool could also definitely use some debugging, because sometime it simply does not work, and you can’t undo mistakes.


I believe you can erase windows, stairs, and furniture already. You have to be pretty careful with furniture sometimes, though, and walls at least used to need to be updated to get back the missing blocks from doors/windows - clicking on the wall to bring up the wall material menu was usually enough.

Would love to see a fix for the Revert Tool it’s so annoying and frustrating when the game either recolors everything without you asking for the floor and the Revert Tool is not working or you missplace a wall for any reason and have to load or throw the entire building :confused:

This has been an issue since the game’s inception. No matter how hard I try I cannot delete a wall on its own. It’s driving me to revert to just using slabs and building entirely manually.

It would be super nice if the devs could make this a priority to fix, scrapping entire builds because I accidentally placed one wall one square too far and then undo doesn’t work… it’s frustrating to say the least, and it seems like that’s the shared sentiment from all builders. I want to make super cute housies for all my little hearthlings but the tool is such a butt about it that I don’t even bother anymore and they can all just sleep in a dank cave.


@Skaoi I’ve got good news for you - the devs (particularly Chris) agree the tool and it’s UI isn’t the best, and plans to fix it are in the works. Last I heard, Chris had some ideas and was looking to find the time in the schedule to work on it. I don’t have more specifics, but work on the building system should be happening in the next few alphas.


Great to hear :smiley:

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I may have to kiss you @jomaxro as well as chris and the dev team.

Yeahhhhhhhhhh, Same.

Yaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy!!! :heart_eyes:

Any updates available on when the improvements to the building system will go live to [latest] build?

Up. The problem is still actual. You can not delete a separate section of the wall in the building. I select the section of the wall, enter the destroy into the console … POOF - the entire building is being deleted, and a lot of real time has been spoiled for its design. Is it possible to somehow remove a separate section of the wall in the building?

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Hopefully the new Building System Overhaul will improve a ton of stuff :slight_smile: not sure if this is what Alpha 23 will be about

I’ve had this happen, too - the only work-around I’ve been able to put on my table is to save my build as templates every now and again. If I mess up I simply but down one of my saved templates and keep going from there.
This is a pain though; but just thought I’d share incase this work-around had slipt your mind :slight_smile: