Not able to destroy free-standing walls when editting a build

When I want to make a custom building, I sometimes use inner walls. This uses the “free-standing wall” feature, though when I make an accidental wall, the only way to get rid of it is to Undo. Sometimes the undo doesn’t work, so the wall RUINS my ENTIRE building. I have to remove it and start all over. Any suggestions on how to bypass this and/or if this is not implemented yet into dev build 2924 for Alpha 16?


Same is true for windows and doors right? You can’t modify them unless you hit ‘undo’. I think its just something which needs to be worked on in general for building construction.

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Well with Decorations, I always go to the road menu and use the eraser. It works for doors, etc., but not walls or structures

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oh interesting, i’ll have to try that.

I have see that you can select them and while selected (holding left click), click right.
That deletes them :slight_smile:
I have only seen it work with decorations and furniture, though…

Hope it helps in the future :smile:

This is still an issue - there doesn’t seem to be any way to remove walls in a blueprint except undo, and that’s limited to a number of steps so if you stuff up early on, you can’t remove a bad free-standing wall :frowning:

Yes, this needs to be improved but i think the remove wall tool is something planned.
However the best solution at the present time is to save your game often while you design something.