How to remove/change some parts of your building plan?

Hi there,

When i am building/designing a new house, It might happen that i change my mind about some walls half way through. But i do not want to hit “undo” like 40 times or i cant event go back that much.

Now my question is: Can i also remove a designed wall/floor/etc?
I can not find a button for it.

Thanks in advance!

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Hey there @jordy, welcome to the Discourse! At the moment that is not possible, but it is indeed a good idea. I moved your post to the #suggestions category.

Out of curiosity, was this not already a planned feature?

I’m not sure…I haven’t heard anything official that it is planned, although I would like to believe it is planned.


I believe I saw on one of the streaming days they already have a somewhat working ver of that but it’s buggy at times. As of now I saw them being able to remove windows and doors after they are placed without using undo option it just simply erased them. but they had trouble getting the holes left behind to fill.

Thanks @jomaxro for answering

Good to hear that they might be working on it. But too bad to hear that they are having trouble implementing this feature.
It really limits you in building bigger structures. I am sure they will come up with something nice :slightly_smiling:

i dont think its so much them having trouble implementing this feature, but more of them not having gotten around to it yet. :slightly_smiling: