Changing Building Plans

This one seems simple enough, and maybe something already possible that I’ve overlooked - or already suggested, likely

But I’d really, really like to be able to change building plans without having to start over, particularly in regards to doors and windows…

A simple “delete” function would also be really nice, seeing that the “undo” can be a bit relatively limited

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unless i totally misunderstood what you wanted, you can actually already use the “eraser” tool, in the slabs/floors part of the building UI, to remove doors and windows :slight_smile:

kinda sad that when they changed the building UI they didnt include the eraser in all sections of the UI…

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That’s coming…soon.


You can! See, this is why I put in the possibility that I overlooked something. I loves you crabby one!


@brad Does that mean, like say we build a build and want to add a door to existing wall We will be able too?

@micheal_handy76_mh At first, we’re looking at being able to make adjustments during the building process. This means that – prior to pushing the Big Build Button – you can change the placement of doors, windows, and other items (such as wall-mounted lamps). This will be useful for people who want to modify either standard or custom (saved) building templates.

We haven’t yet looked at being able to modify already-built structures (for example, putting a door in an existing wall)… but we shall see.