Delete or modify structures

Some body could say me how do it? i cant remove nothing in the game… =(

Welcome to the forum, @German_Morales :slight_smile:

You can’t modify structures that are already built (but you can demolish them).

To modify a building on design mode you can use the Erase Tool.
(It doesn’t work for Walls, Roofs or Stairs, it only works for Roads, Floors, and Slabs):

To remove a building (in design mode or while/after it has been built) you can open the building editor, click on the building, click on “Finished Editing” and then click on “Remove”->“Yes”.

You can’t modify a building while it is being constructed, it can cause bugs (for example, trying to add or remove furniture).

After the building is complete, you can move furniture inside if you want, with the placement menu:

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are you guys ever going to add in a way to modify/edit buildings that are already built?

such as renovating the old wooden style buildings from tier 1 ascendancy into stone or something as an example.

I think that’s the last goal with building (but I can’t promise anything, maybe it won’t be doable, I have no idea). I mean, first Nikki (@Sweet) will revise the current UI because it’s not the most intuitive editor. And then, we would have to figure out ways to do it without causing bugs, because there are so many edge cases for a feature like that :frowning2: (and many bugs with the current system for everything else, like with the Undo tool, merging structures, performance with large buildings, etc which have to be solved first).

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any estimate for when fences will be easier to place? such as draggable fence marker? placing fences piece by piece is really annoying right now.

I hope it will eventually be possible to use the erase tool on everything while designing. For now it seems thebest option is to build walls and roofs block by block in case you missplace something - but the problem with that is that you can’t look inside while designing or after building if you build them that way. Makes it really hard to decorate the inside of buildings.

For example, i cant remove this built

What happens when you click on “Eliminar” ?
Do you get a confirmation window?

i cant press delete =(

Oh, I just noticed. You are playing an old version of the game, probably when they removed the ability to destroy buildings.

You should update the game to the latest version, and see if that enables the Remove button :slight_smile:


For more details:

If you are playing on Steam
  1. The game should update automatically upon release of a new build.
  2. If this isn’t happening, the first thing to try would be existing from Steam completely (using the exit command, not the x), and relaunching Steam.
  3. If that doesn’t work, I would try manually deleting Stonehearth and reinstalling.
  4. Right click on Stonehearth in Steam
  5. Left click Properties
  6. Left click Local Files
  7. Left click Browse local files
  8. Delete everything in the folder that opens. Note: If you have save games or templates you wish to save, do not delete the saved_games and/or saved_objects respectively.
  9. Go back to Steam and right click on Stonehearth again.
  10. Click Delete Local Content
  11. Reinstall Stonehearth
If you are playing via Humble Bundle
  1. Navigate to
  2. Log in to your account
  3. Click on your account name in the top right
  4. Click library
  5. Locate Stonehearth and click download.
  6. Run the installer