Basic building editor tools/functions

I like Stonehearth because it is like minecraft. I like minecraft because I can build beautiful structures in extreme detail. I prefer Stonehearth because I get a workforce to take care of all those details I enjoy so much. The problem is that the building editor is short on details… it is clunky and unfinished.

The current building editor (version Alpha 10.5) is a good start but needs A Lot of improvement if I am to fully realize what I would like to do.

Sorry, I work in civil engineering… spoiled by CAD software. I barely touched the editor and these are my initial thoughts on it. I have not spent a lot of time with the editor trying to figure out workarounds… I dont have the patience. Which is why I am writing this.

I have briefly scanned the suggestion topics and couldint see anything related so here goes:

  1. Erasing elements. Currently the only “eraser” is found under the floor element menu. I suggest that each element (roof, windows, wall etc) have an eraser. So far I have used the eraser to delete windows but I had to carefully position the camera to select the window and not the floor. Could we not have an element specific eraser?

  2. Stairs. I assume that I can delete individual blocks from a second floor thereby creating an interior space to install a ladder. Or add individual blocks to create stairs (dont even know if hearthlings can move over a 1 block high obstacle). Gosh that seems like a lot of work. Could we; a) have a tool for cutting holes in floors and walls, And have a stair element; b) have an all-in-one stair installer that would cut the hole in the floor and add stairs aligned with the hole.

  3. Moving item elements in design mode. Scenario: I place a window in the wrong spot. Darn. Currently I have to select the floor element editor’s eraser and delete (see first topic), then re-place the window in the appropriate spot. Phew, this is more work than minecraft. Could we have an element specific selector tool that can select an element, such as the window I just placed in the wrong spot, and drag it to the right spot?

  4. Custom wall heights. Like I said, I haven’t even begun to explore the editor properly. Anyhow, I like the roof editor but could there be similar options for walls. Scenario: building a castle. I want to make a parapet along the top of the main wall. I need a wall that comes up to the hearthlings chest. Perhaps a railing feature, and/or a specific rampart/parapet element.

  5. Bartizan. Google it, I just did. I want to make a second floor that hangs out over the edge of the foundation footprint without it looking ridiculous. This is a cosmetic thing of course, the second floor hanging over the edge of the wall looks like it might fall down without some knee bracing at least. Guess ill throw in some columns for the time being.

Just had to get that all out. Its a great looking game with lots of potential, I hope to spend some more time with the editor and come up with some other suggestions.

If there is an open thread on this specific subject I would greatly appreciate a re-direct to whereever that might be.



hello there @bmitchell welcome to the discourse :smile:

most of what you suggested should find its way into the game eventually,

[quote=“bmitchell, post:1, topic:14760”]
Erasing elements.
[/quote]this is something i have wished we had lots of times.

[quote=“bmitchell, post:1, topic:14760”]
[/quote]we should be seeing these in Alpha 12 (currently TR is working on alpha 11)

[quote=“bmitchell, post:1, topic:14760”]
Moving item elements in design mode
[/quote]this would be super helpful, in the meantime you can click the little undo :arrows_counterclockwise: button to undo the last thing added to the build.

[quote=“bmitchell, post:1, topic:14760”]
Custom wall heights
[/quote]this would be nice, and i believe it is a planned thing.

[quote=“bmitchell, post:1, topic:14760”]
[/quote]this would be a lovely feature, im hoping that once the build feature is fleshed out a bit more we will be seeing this.

they can indeed go up 1 block, and they should be able to jump down 2 blocks.

i hope my reply helped answer some of your questions.


I just wish that button was a bit more stable. I’m sure Radiant will get to that in their bug-fixing runs.[quote=“8BitCrab, post:2, topic:14760”][quote=“bmitchell, post:1, topic:14760”]
custom wall heights
this would be nice, and i believe it is a planned thing.
Along with more roof settings, I think.[quote=“bmitchell, post:1, topic:14760”]
Googles rapidly

Oooh, nice!
So far the best we can do is full blocks with the second or L-shape floor tool, and I don’t know if Hearthlings are able to actually build buildings like that. I’d like to see a diagonal “upper arch” item that could be placed like wall lanterns. It would be pretty versatile, for bartizans, arches, ramps, statues, amd who knows what else.


so basically like minecrafts stairs? that would be nice.


It is possible to show all stuff ‘craftable’ in the menu of the chair ?

The items below for a good looking :

  • fireplace

  • more shape for bed.

  • Possibility to set a bed for a named guy ? Actually the bed are used by more 1 guy…

  • Fonction for truncate a single block (create a sphere or corner not at 90°)

  • Elevator with energie : water.

I need a tool for erase or move a fourniture i have misplaced… it is annoying t go in the menu slab for the erase tool…