Building & Misc Suggestions

I have been trying to create some really neat buildings but I find almost impossible due to the current building system

For the wall option, it would be nice to be able to have an option to

Building Suggestions:

-delete walls.
-----if I want to redo the walls or if i made a mistake, I can not seem to use the undo feature or erase it. it would be nice to be able to do this.
-----Also with walls, it would be nice to be able to toggle or have an option ( similar to the roof) to allow 1,2,3,4 etc walls vs the automatic wall system that is currently in place.

----allow fences to be in the decoration design again
----I know there is a mod for this. but it would be lovely to have more fence options in general. that is apart of the game. I try not to use many mods if possible.
----allow fences to be able to stack on top of each other again. or even allow things to be on top of fence posts in general. I cant seem to be able to put lights on the fence posts again more.

Free Standing Walls
----It would be nice to be able to place a roof over them as an option if one wanted to make a house out of it. I know there are other ways to do this. but I guess it is more of a slice of life thought

----I know this has been suggested before. Life would be 10x easier if slabs acted like the walls. for the house previews. It is really hard to make neat houses/buildings and being able to place things inside of it. when you cant see inside of it.

----Allow being able to use the delete option of remove just blocks on the wall. Ei I would love to make moon shaped windows but am unable. I could do this through slab tool. but am not able to use it as a wall unless I make the whole bottom of the house out of slabs. and then unable to see into it etc through the different house previews. which is also why I suggested having in option to allow a user to control how many walls they put up.


----Chests arnt stackable anymore either. I miss making neat designs with the crates to allow more personality to the town.


pretty sure all of these suggestions have been made before and they are working on them

actually this is not true. you can still stack chests- but they have to be next to a wall

I didnt know about the chests having to be against a wall. though that seems slightly silly. Thanks for that

and I am sure they have been as well. I just couldnt find anything at the time tbh
though I was unsure whether they were being worked on or not.

+1 on the wall deletion thing - it’s the main issue that’s holding me back from being able to design buildings at the moment.

I’ve found that the roof tool gets easily confused by interior walls - it’d be great if I could just draw a quad section of space that should have a roof on it, if the engine can’t automagically figure it out.

I know right! I hate having to restart everything because I cant delete walls

and yah I can see that for the roof. though like you said having it made so that it selects for slab to show areas that you want to have a roof on. and it shows you the roof type as you do it. so you can see what the roof looks like and what you can see what it will look like at a final view.

Chests don’t need to be against a wall to stack. Simply place the chest you want to be on top elsewhere first, and then use the move option to place it on top of the other.

I have not been able to stack chests or anything really for the last few alphas

Save. Saving before you make a wall and saving after if you’re satisfied of the result. I know that’s annoying but for now it is the only solution that will prevent you to restart entirely what you build.

@TheMournful I dunno, I feel as if I shouldnt have to save ever two minutes of work just in case something happens with a build. that is what the undo button etc should be for. that is why I have the suggestion. not for quick anyone can do solutions for a round about.


I totally understand you.

But the dev’ team is totally aware of the building improvements they can do, and i’m sure they already planned to work on it. The suggestion about being able to remove walls is made every week.
Nonetheless it is nice of you to make these suggestions.

As the game is in alpha yet there is a lot of things to improve. And i’m giving you the tools to skirt off the difficulties you have building things, at least until the system is mended.
So yeah, i know it is annoying to have to save every two minutes when you design something. But so far it is the best option you have for now. I myself designed a 4-story building with 104 blocks length in about 14 hours of work using this trick. I went through it and it was - in spite of the limitations - a pleasant experience.


i have own the game for a couple years, I do realize this. I just hope that the devs eventually see that being able to make custom builds is really important to people. I feel as if I am only playing 1/4 of a game. and doesnt really drive me to do more with it.


So much yes.
Every thing you’ve suggested involves some serious work, but every thing is obvious. Nothing more to add, really. Handy to have this list as a reminder.