Some suggested tools to improve the gameplay

Hi there,

First, thanks for this awesome game. Here are some suggestions.
Some have already been written in other topics, but i want write what i miss in this game.

  1. A tool for erasing walls
  2. In the building mode: The possibility to place anything we want in the house even if we do not have it in the inventory. I feel like i have to maintain at least each items in the inventory so i can choose when building new stuff.
  3. A roof designer. The automatic roof tool is very nice but inner walls make it impossible to use. Maybe, a simple tool that allow the player to choose different points which defines the roof corners would be great.
  4. Automatic ladder when mining down. (or your heartling starve to death if you have forgotten it).
  5. A “multi-template” building tool. I don’t know how to call that. I would like create the blueprint of a house, a road and another haouse sepately without building it directly. This, in order to pre-design the future town.
  6. Add the possibility to add grass tile. When a road is made, it can not be undone.
  7. Fill holes. I have difficulties to fill holes after using the eraser (maybe it is me though).
  8. The house split view. For now, i only build 1 floor building because, multi-floor building makes impossible to see what is on the first floor, especially with wide houses.
  9. A visible toggle button. In order to make visible or not different object in build mode and normal mode.
  10. Automic walls height in order to tune the height of automatic walls.

Thanks for reading
Keep goind the nice work !


You can use the housebutton on the bottom right to look into houses. Its turning the walls invisible. But be careful not to zoom in too much, you cant place anything if your visionpoint itself gets into the house.
But its not meant to use this way, I suppose, I also wish for a proper tool. Especially the fact you can`t place anything when you zoom in is very irritating ._.