Building/Better life suggestions

Hey every! I play stonehearth a long time and watch the streams now that alpha 18 will come soon tm and has also the building as main field I will suggest just two little things that will make me and I hope more other people happy.
1# single layer step size for the slice sight. I tried to create a stair inside a mountain from bottom to top but I stuck after the first 4 layers because in mining is one layer between every 4 minable layers and i can’t access this layer because it is coverd from the voxels on top and xray also dont show the top so please let me access the top voxels so i can dig from bottom to top
2# ledders in build menu/templates you can’t add ledders to buildings that arent build yet, that is sad because this is my prior way to go between level. Adding the feature that you can place ledders to ghost voxel and save in template when they add to an building would be great!
Ok thats all have fun… … . apsyll