Quality of life improvement (Building)

Hey this is my first post here in the forums so hello everyone :slight_smile:
I play Stonehearth now a good amount of time and because alpha 18 will be focust on building again I would like to suggest two things I would like to see implemented in this game.

1# Is not realy building then more UI but i would like to have a slice view mode where i can input my step value so I will enter say 30 in the input and my view will go to the 30 voxel layer.
this is for me importent because I want to build a stair from bottom to top inside a mountain but i can’t because there is 1 layer between the mining(M) order layers what is good for a floor but bad for building upwards. I can’t reach the layer with mining(N) because the other 4 layers of voxels are hiding this layer.
I also tried to reach them from outside but then the hearthlings tried to mine from outside to inside what i din’t want because the cant reach the voxels in my wall between the stairs and the outside.

2#Building ledders on ghostvoxel I like to use ledders in my building sadly i cant place them direct in the building menu or after creating the building adding to the ghostvoxels, I have to wait until the hearthlings build to this point to place then leadder. Ledders are also not saved in Templates when they inside of an building that would be also good to save a ledder when it placed to an building or when they inside a building

Thank you all have fun apsyll