My List Of "Quality Of Life" Suggestions

While playing Stonehearth for a while, I’ve made a small list of some Quality of Life ideas. I understand that its an Alpha and that these may be added in later, but I still kinda want to point them out in case they weren’t thought of.

1) A dumping zone for spoiled food or just have spoiled food immediately disappear. (There have been many times most of my storage is being taken up by spoiled food and it’s just left sitting in my chests taking up space for my good food.)
2) The ability to toggle chest/storage containers to hold everything/nothing before they are placed. (For me, this mostly is because I build giant warehouses filled with chests and sitting around waiting for the hearthlings to drop off a chest so that I can set it to hold nothing or what I want gets tiring and stops me from continuing my town planning.)
3) Slight more control over farmers. (What I had in mind was something like an option to have a farmer prioritize seeding over harvesting. I see many times with 5 farmers all of them are harvesting with no one replanting and they don’t until almost all of the fields are harvested.
4) Be able to see everything in custom build mode. (For myself, I’m constantly redesigning my buildings and deleting old templates to make new ones. I usually do this after starting a new game and pause to design after clearing the area. Its just slightly annoying that I can’t have certain things listed because my carpenter isn’t a high enough skill level. You could have it queued but it wouldn’t be crafted until they reached the required level.
5) Toggle visibility of floors for multi leveled buildings. (Kinda self explanatory. I built a 3 story warehouse and forgot the chests but couldn’t really see the first or second level to place the chests. I maybe missing something though.)
6) Display occupied/assigned beds a little clearer. (Have a little head hearthling head show up next to all occupied beds when you’re under the hearthling screen and when you select a hearthling, have a little head next to that hearthlings assigned bed.)
7) A more controllable stockpile system like Rimworld. (Maybe do kinda like what Rimworld does with its stockpile system. Where you have the basic categories, but can then further change to have very specific items from that category go in that stockpile/chest. This was just something because my herbalist had to travel all the way from one side of my town to the other because their chest was full of silkweed fibers and not flowers.)
8) A visual representation of where the dirt mounds will be in placing farming plots. (Just in case you aren’t making a max size plot.)
9) A downwards stair dig command. (To make building stairs in a mine faster instead of making them manually dig out downwards stairs, use ladders, or digging a hole then build stairs back up with the stairs build.)
10) Manage what hearthlings can/can’t do no matter what their job is. (I would like to be able to have my farmers help build or have my carpenters help mine if there isn’t anything they are working on or have down time between harvests.)
11) Be able to use fencing in between buildings. (I don’t know if i’m missing something, but I would like to be able to place fencing in the gaps between two buildings. However it seems that the roofing or something else blocks you from placing fencing too close to a building.)
12) The ability to designate a town center/square that isn’t the campfire. (This is just a thought of something that would be nice to see. You could select a town square where hearthlings would meet up to talk, sit on benches, or interact in some ways instead of sitting around the campfire when there is nothing to do. Same with setting buildings as group places or something. I would just like to see a little more movement in my town and have it not be like a ghost town or everyone is forever cold at night.)
13) A “cancel” button on placed objects. (There have been a few times I misclicked and placed a bench in the wrong place and had to wait until it was placed to move it or remove it.)
14) Square gardens and/or more colorful decorations.
15) Have traveling merchants actually show up. (Again this is mostly to add more “movement” in a town, but you could have them arrive and walk towards your town center where you can click on them to see their wares instead of a pop up message and items magically appearing.)


I really like your point 1, 7, 12 and 15. Thought about similar things as well. Especially number 12 would add so much to the game. And it could be expanded by attracting more traders/visitors to your town through the offering of lodging and food (a.k.a. a real inn that offers meals and beds to guests for some days).

number 2 is already an option in the game settings.

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Oh there is an option for it. Still it’s kinda hidden and would still be nice to have it as an in-game toggle for people like me who don’t think to check the options.

I use the stockpile mod for stonehearth because it does exactly what you’re suggesting, at the very least it would be a temp measure until it’s more incorporated into the game.

  1. And for cooks. Also have them prioritize their job over the hauling. I’ve seen farmers prefer to place windows, beds, and the like over harvesting/ planting/ digging.

  2. Yes definitely. As well as selecting priorities for which stockpiles will be filled first.

  3. Could also do with a upwards stair dig command because digging up is impossible as is.

  4. That’s just sort of how fences are, they can’t get any closer to blocks without it messing with their hitbox, but there is an okay little workaround you can use but you have to place flooring under the fence.

  5. Yes please for the love of the soothsayer