Hikerakashiya's Suggestion Thread

Let me start off by saying Stonehearth looks amazing and shows a lot of promise! I unfortunately missed out on the Kickstarter for it, but I have been actively tracking the development and checking up on the development blog multiple times weekly. I usually do not get involved with making suggestions during the development of games, since someone always usually beats me to it, but my overall excitement for this game has made me want to contribute and at least express some ideas and opinions I have. I will try to keep this thread updated with any new ideas I have. I will also try to list any other suggestions I find from other threads and comments that I find worth while.


Building Designer

  • I think the building designer and everything else that requires plots, would benefit from having tools similar to what you would find in basic drawing applications. Having so sort of ruler or measuring tools would help. Currently right now you drag the cursor for width and height. What about having the ability to set the width and height dimensions and have the ability to stamp the area? What about having the ability to mask areas, whether they are building areas or non building areas, in the planing phase so you can start laying everything out.
    • Rectangle Tool with ability to set width and height
    • Ellipse Tool with ability to set width and height
    • Ruler
    • Grid with measurements
    • Paint Layer with basic drawing tools that allows you to plan and mark the land where you want to potentially build buildings or farms or stock piles etc (


  • Make chests or other containers that can hold items. I think it would be cool if we had the ability to add containers in buildings that could potentially store items instead of having them laying on the ground or floor taking up space in stock piles.


  • Add the tabs back to the building designer for organization. The tabs provided a nice separation between the different steps of the building process.

  • Add tabs to the place-able item menu that represent the different categories of items for better organization.

  • Implement a resource menu that shows what resources you have harvested and how many.

  • When crafting items, display the number of needed materials it takes as well as how many you have harvested.


  • Bring back the stamp for job promotion!!! I really loved that aspect of promoting a worker. Maybe reincorporate the stamp into the new job promotion menu.

  • Implement an auto save feature. I have also been seeing this suggested a lot. Maybe auto save at the start of each day.

  • Implement a way to destroy items or break them back down back into their components.


hey there @Hikerakashiya … welcome aboard! :smile:

you didnt perhaps mention that in the recent dev blog comments, did you? i’m certain i just read a request for this the other day…

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I did not. I still need to make an account so I can comment on the Development Blog.

Maybe you were thinking of this other thread?

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no, but good catch! :smile:

still, the OP mentions a handful of other specific suggestions, so I don’t think a merge would be necessary here…

As i said in the stamp thread the new process will be

1- open the promotion menu with a new icon
2-choose the job
3-choose the worker you want with the old stamp window