CIty Ambience - Unique Buildings

Stonehearth is of course one part city builder, and every city has little bits of ambience here and there. In Stonehearth, we get park benches and bird baths and stuff, but what if we could use the Design Structure tool to make things like market stalls? Perhaps there could be a wall-like tool that would create posts or columns, with customizable heights and thicknesses. For the usually bright and striped colored canvas tops for the stereotypical market stall, the auto-roof could work for that, or we could create our own with another tool.

And possibly, like a lot of other suggestions I’ve seen, these mini-buildings could work as shops, or they could even have custom purposes.

Let me know what you think!


Oh wow this sounds really cool!

Hopefully there could be a default template for this.(Do I smell a building competition?)

I could only imagine. I just cant wait to see this game at final release. It’s already terrific.

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