New building system feedback

I LOVE the new building system! I hated the old one and this one makes designing buildings fun. A few things are frustrating, though.

  1. Clear up usable screen space by moving the building button bar towards the bottom, it gets in the way being 1/3 of the way up. Also turn off or move the mining tool instruction popup, it also gets in the way. Maybe also an option to resize the UI?

  2. Have an option to clear away from view everything except the current construction and hide all the non-building UI elements. I’m often getting the camera stuck in trees and other buildings which is frustrating.

  3. Camera/view stuff: is there a way to make it so the slice view cuts away floors of the building? The building view button only cuts out walls and the roofs which means if I want to edit items or walls after I’ve placed a 2nd or 3rd floor then I have to worm the camera into the building without clipping into the walls; it’s very frustrating when I’m trying to change or even just view crafter shelves and they’re obscured by floors or stairs. It would also be cool to be able turn camera clipping on so you don’t get the cursor stuck in walls. Maybe also a button to slow the camera for fine adjustments when you’re trying to get single voxel placement just right

  4. Be able to delete items after building has started, there have been lots of times where I ran out of a required resource during construction so the building couldn’t complete until I located, mined, stored, smelted, and crafted an item;. or my crafter needed to level up before being able to craft it.

  5. Move the entire build instead of just parts of it; often if I need to adjust the position of my build I only get part of the building connected and putting the chunks back together has been nearly impossible.

You folks are doing awesome, this is my favorite game! Keep up the good work :ok_hand::heart:


+1 on points 1, 2 and 3 especially. Some good suggestions!

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For #5, it’s not ideal but you can save the building to a template, delete the building, and then place the template in a new location. It would be nice to have a “Select All” option though.

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