Construction overlaps

Hi! Firstly, I would like to say that I love playing this game, as it is my new favorite game! I have a couple of minor suggestions, one is that when I am custom designing a building structure over another structure (say, a footpath) that I have created, there is a bug where the different tiles overlay on top of each other and then I cannot delete the original structure. I think it would be better when constructing footpaths over pre-existing ones, for the new tiles in the new build to just replace the old ones. Also, I have noticed a small bug where in a couple of instances my hearthlings get ‘distracted’ in the middle of building a house and do not complete the house, so I end up needing to demolish the structure and have them re-build it from scratch! Also, picket fences and fences to house animals should be part of the custom build menu not individual objects that need placing. Otherwise, I love playing this game and it is super fun! It would also be fun in the future to have more blocks and building material types available to allow for more creativity! I love it! Thanks so much for this game!

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When hearthlings get distracted in a build its likely they can not reach something anymore and if you find that issue the builds should continue just fine