Building constuctor improvements

During the last stream building constructor improvements were mentioned. Since no one created the topic I guess it won’t hurt.
Please write below what areas of the constructor do you want to change, how and why.

Some of my reports/suggestions:

More suggestions:

  • Trapdoors! Make doors for floors/horisontal roof.
  • More colors for walls/roofs.
    Sandstone colors on old “barracks” render in particular look pretty great. Also, “castle”-style roof with wooden colors.
  • Windows with transparent elements (glass)
  • Windows in roof/floor
  • Allowing diagonal roofs to have “steps” bigger than 1 block (example: 10-block high pyramidal roof on a 5x5 building)
  • “Undo” button working on “Raise walls” command (and all others)
  • Eraser working on walls

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Also this

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This would be great, but I’d also be pretty happy with the ability to erase roof blocks / cut holes in roofs.

I’d like some way to decorate walls with cross-beams, which might be useful later depending on what the Northern Alliance looks is supposed to be.

That, too.
I’ve been thinking how to make lower floors in multileveled buildings visible. My idea is to add a 4th view to currently existing “No slice”, “Remove closer walls” and “Remove all walls”. This view will work like “Remove closer walls”, but also remove closest half of the upper floor (with all the items on it).

It would be nice to be able to select the degree of inclination you want for your roof.
It could be added to the roof screen as another option. It could be as presets: Flat, 30º, 45º or 60º. Or free to choose: 1 horizontal-0 vertical for flat, 2-1 for 30ª, 1-1 for 45ª, 1-2 for 60ª, or whatever you want it to be… (1-3 or 4 for really spicky towers).
The roof is probably the building part that needs more work at the moment. Other things that I would like to see is being able to have more than 2 facings, to adapt it to the shape of irregular houses, not just rectangles, windows, etc… without having to resot to more or less complex workarounds to do it, just a click on the roof pannel.:rolling_eyes:

Have Fun, Kyth.


I really need the grass colours to make living roofs and other cool stuff! I know there is a mod with these colours, but it is missing in the main game.


Paint tool: so as to not erase a block to recolor a block. and the floor tool doesnt count
Holding Shift Paints a whole section

Free wall Block tool: To be able to see through those Slab walls too in view modes

Free Roof Block tool.: Cuase just when the roof doesnt want to do anything you want. Just make it freely

An actual Interior wall tool


The GUI already contains a tool for removing Z layers from visibility for terrain, but this has no effect on your structures. Currently if I want to build a 2 or more story building, I either have to try to furnish it before construction begins, or restrict myself to small or narrow upper floor spaces so as to not block visibility.

I need to be able to slice my buildings. Just need an extra little button down there with the other 3.

Another thing I’d like to see, is the ability to tag the freestanding blocks I’m setting as walls, floors, or ceilings. Currently if I want to design a custom roof, I do so knowing that I will never see clearly below it the way I can with the generated ones. The same is true for low walls, freestanding pillars, pixel art walls, archways, awnings, or any other bells and whistles my imagination begs me to tack on.

More later, but BUMP this!



I agree that it would be nice to have an easy way to see inside of mult-floor buildings. I also see what you’re saying about freestanding-block walls.

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If we had everything @micheal_handy76_mh just said we would have one of the best building editors, I have ever seen.

Add the ability to delete single blocks on a wall/roof and it’ll perfect.
Also, It would be good to keep the splitting of foundations, floors and free block structures, that happens during the planning fase, to a minimum or eliminate it completely. Providing performance allows it. If that is not possible, make them disappear after the construction has finished. For the sake of good interior viewing.

Have fun, Kyth.

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@Fronjotr suggested that I duplicate my suggestion here:

I’ve frequently run into issues with buildings where I will design complex top floors and then go to add a roof, but the automatic roof will only parent to a single wall and not the entire structure. I’d like the ability to draw a roof using the same method as drawing a second floor - pick the start block, and the end block, and have that define the rectangle instead of tying it to certain walls.

In addition to preventing frustrations from roofing issues, the interface change would provide a lot more flexibility in building design.

Such a tool would also imply that it would be possible to add an eraser for roof tiles, but I see that suggestion is already handled.