Building/Construction Ideas

Hello everyone,

I haven’t found anything pertaining specifically to what I suggest so I decided to make an overall building/construction ideas topic. If what I suggest is already found on the site, please let me know and I will move over there.

Okay, so my specific suggestion has two parts. The first part is about freestanding walls and the second is about single block building. I’ll be trying to add pictures to show what I mean in another post.

First, I would like to see free standing walls connect in all 4 directions from a pillar. Currently, a pillar in a free standing wall can only connect 2 walls; so either a straight line or at a 90 degree angle. If you want to make a T design with free standing walls, you will end up with a two walls in a straight line while the pillar for the line coming down won’t connect to the pillar for the straight line walls (if that makes any sense). I would just like to see pillars be able to connect in all directions so you don’t get that awkward pillar. Example of awkward pillar is below.

Second, while trying to overcome the above suggestion because I was using a T design, I tried using single blocks to make the wall. I was able to keep the pattern going without that awkward pillar. However, when I tried to put a door or a window or anything of that sort, I was unable to place it. So I’m wondering if it’s possible to add windows and doors to be build-able when single blocks are used to make a wall. I personally think this would be harder to implement than what I suggested above.

Thanks for reading my post and if you have any other building/construction idea, feel free to add it below.

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you need to use 3 free standing walls and you can stack the ends in the same location that way they will only make one pillar.

These topics came up in a recent livestream, so it is on the devs’ radar. I know it’s not a very encouraging answer to wait it out, but eventually we will be able to place doors and windows in the walls built by the free standing tool, and I think they will also allow for T and X connections with pillars.