Building walls... Suggestion

Ok, so… I’ve been building walls around my ladders and I have to click on each one individually and say finished building, then build. I was wondering if it would be possible to have any connecting non-built walls, to be one in the same and when you build one side, it builds all connected sides.

Also, a way this could be done as well - when you place a wall next to another wall, instead of 2 large beams; they become one beam, and you can drag out the other directions to build the rest of the wall.

Kinda confused by what you mean, but have you tried holding shift while placing walls? Does that do what you’re talking about?

Oh man… why isn’t this in the tooltip :l Thats exactly what I wanted haha thanks!
And now its crashing my game when I do more then 8 of them at same time haha


@SteveAdamo, this post can be closed now.

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File it as a bug report with any screenshots and error codes you can. If you don’t have any, post your log.