Building walls the right way?

Hello there!

I played now for like 4 houres and did craft 6 tables, beds and chairs for my 6 friends and was about to build a house with the walls. I failed because i gave them all the orders to build like 20 walls in time, they startet with the outer wooden things and than they some how stopped doing anything. In a other game i did build a wall next to a dirt cliff thing and they build 2 of the walls. the 3. wall was nearly finished without 2 boxes and than they startet doing nothing.

Actually im running the HB version its quit more stable than the steam version. How can i prevent my guys from going afk ? :smiley:

hi there @Vire… thanks for the report, and welcome aboard! :smile:

if possible, could you provide a few more details as to exactly what you were trying to accomplish (steps to reproduce), and perhaps take a screenshot or two to illustrate?

Hello There!

Im sad to say but by game crashed after i placed a bed trough a wall x) So i cant take a screenshot. For me its actually not even possible to do screens without the steam version because. If i press the screenshot button and want to copy it in paint i get my desktop with a little black thing on the top left.

At all i can say that i simply build walls on the natural dirt walls of higher terrains. They did build them and than they stoped finishing some of them without any other order. After i told them to build a house they did it until they have to build the roof but this problem is well known so basicly they simply didnt got the idea how to finish the wall :smiley: