Build, Sleep, Save, Quit, Resume: Incomplete House

I started my Li’l Brudders building a house. While building, they went to bed, and while they were sleeping, I saved the game and quit. Today, I resumed the game, and I can’t get them to finish building the house. I can do some things with the house menu in terms of removing (which only removes the roof) and I even got them to finish building the roof on a house with no back wall.

So really, this is a collection of bugs. The primary bug, though, is that they wouldn’t resume building the house after the sequence in the title.

Do you happen to have screenshots of the game? Where was the structure being built, and did anything happen to get altered in the plan before you started it (like putting a piece of floor where a wall is going to be after erecting them)?

I…don’t think I’ve seen that one yet. Most people have problems with a house’s walls, then the roof is left undone. Did you draw the walls individually and somehow undo one of them?


Nope, no screenshots. I could try to reproduce it. The problem is repeatable on reload of the save, so maybe I can figure out how I got them to finish the roof with a missing wall and screenshot it.

No, I didn’t draw the walls individually or screw up with the floor. I’ve run into those problems and have to do lots of reloading of save files to eliminate those problems.

Is there any way I could send the save file to the developers?

absolutely … you can upload the save game to something like dropbox and link to the file from here…

let us know if you need any help with the process (locating the file, possibly compressing it, etc)… :+1:

I’ve had some issues with buildings not completing, but it’s never been predictable / repeatable. I’m sure your savegame would be of use here!

Also, important info everyone forgets: What version are you running? Latest stable or unstable build? Any mods?

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What version of the game did this occur in?

I’m running the latest/unstable on Steam. How do I locate the save file? (At work atm, or I’d search the install folder)

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Here’s the saved game: archive

I’ve just noticed that the back wall is actually one space too close to the wall behind it, but my minions were happily building just fine until I saved and quit. The proximity to the wall probably explains why they won’t resume building the wall. It’s also possible, I suppose, that they had very recently finished building all of the house they were going to build and had actually stopped building right before I saved, and I just hadn’t noticed.

Anyway, if you dork around in custom building mode with selecting various tools and changing/canceling/rechanging/etc, you can get various stuffs to happen. I haven’t yet reproduced building a roof without a back wall, but I got them to do it last night.


I have the same the issue.
In my case, workers stop build houses just after sleeping.

I use the Alpha 6 but I had the same problem with older versions.

My save game : dropbox
And a Screenshot : here

For information, I have put three houses and started build them in the same time.

I hope this is helpful