Unfinished Building Bug

So when I decided to build a preset buidling they started but they soon got hungry and got food, after that they stood in idle positions. So I thought “lets build another house to see what happens.” They built the house completely with all things included. But the old house i started to build had chunks of the wall missing and a window, I tried placing ladders and restarting several times but nothing happened. And I know it’s happened several times throughout my several worlds I have played on. This is on version 256 x64 Alpha 9. The error message that appears several times in a row is "…/components/entity_forms/entity_forms_componet.luac:110: assertion failed!

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whule it is not a solution to the problem, try editing the building and changing the roof height. Sometimes when built near rising terrain the roof seems to affect the building script.

Again, not a solution, but a workaround

Well I have heard of doing that, but the building is on completely flat ground with nothing else around it. The closest change in elevation is at least 80-90 squares away. Again the problem is that they finished the roof and everything inside just not half of a wall.

This bug occurs to me when I tell them to do a different task, not when they are hungry
Did you try clicking on the build and clicked build again?

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Could you attach a screenshot of the affected building? I think there are some reports around there about unfinished buildings, although I’m not sure that they finished with the roof unlike your case…


just making sure, did you craft windows? without windows/beds/lights/tables you know, workers cant do that house ready.

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but when they dont have windows/tables/beds and them. they just stop making. they make house ready but if you dont have that repices what they need. that’s only thing what isn’t on house.

I have a similar problem except this time its roofs and another building. All work just stopped. The roof is 3/4 completed and the other building only had its floor placed. Then all workers decided to lounge around the fire pit.

Also when removing the unfinished building, the pillars left a mark in the ground. This probably prevented me from rebuilding in the same spot. I filled it up with slab but now I can’t build a wall.