Workers Not Finishing Buildings,Roofs

When i try to build a house my workers finish almost all the house but they never finish the roof. The don’t get stuck in the house or walls they just stop building it… Also if i’m building a structure with my workers do something else with them then try to resume the structure they wont build they just stand there.

Thanks to who ever reads this also if one of the developers reads this i hope you fix these bugs. Also great game not including the bug! :+1:

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Welcome to the forum, @KingPotato :smiley: !

Let’s see. You’re saying that they leave the roof unfinished, or that they don’t build the roof at all?

Do they have the enough of the needed resources? (Wood, stone…)
We have had some reports on hearthlings not willing to keep building, this might be confirming it.

I’ve experienced this as well. Plenty of resources, but they just didnt finish. Similar problem with roads, but with roads they can just not start building at all (they do the foundation but it would take ages to actually build the road)

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Yes they do have enough of the needed materials and they build the walls doors windows scaffolding etc. they just dont even start the roof. Also thanks for helping.

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Ok i think i might of found the problem i have built all my buildings next to the a cliff/rock face and just a little bit of the roof goes in to the cliff/rock face so i will try to build houses out in the open and see if that works.

Yeah the houses roof was just in the cliff/rock face and i also figured out how to start the building again. Thanks for helping and great game!!!

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Is this your case too, @HearthKing ?

Thanks for reporting back, @KingPotato :smile: