Roofs are not being built

Roofs of buildings are nor being built

The entire building, including furniture components and doors, windows, etc are built, but then everyone stops with what they’re doing and leave the scaffolding as it is without building the roof and go idle.

Steps to reproduce:

**Expected Results: roofs being built

**Actual Results: roofs not being built



**Versions and Mods: dev-2720, no mods

**System Information: windows 8.1,

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Does not happen with the small cottage, it does happen with the cottage for 2 hearthlings

Hey @albert, I can confirm this as well on the latest Alpha 13, develop 2720 build. Please see attached save where the issue is occurring. Dropbox - Link not found

Hearthlings won’t build wedge roof
When building a new building and selecting a roof if the user wants one side to be flat the hearthlings do not seem to build the roof instead they idle around as if waiting or unsure what to do.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to place a new building (even a default template) with a flat side for the roof
  2. Wait till they get to the roof portion
  3. Scratch your head as they cease to build the roof.

Expected Results: Build roof for building

Actual Results: Building never gets finished and roof never built



Versions and Mods:
Alpha 13, Vanilla no mods
System Information:
Intel i7 6700 cpu
GTX 970 Graphics Card
Windows 10

Reporting the same just for you to know ! :smiley:

Happens with custom designed buildings.

Reporting the same. I actually just made an account to report this, but it seems pretty well documented. Can we get a fix? Thanks.

Reporting the same problem here. The cottage for 2 or others similars buildings are left roofles while the workers idle.

You can made, in some cases, your villagers finish the buildings by doing the next steps:
Select the roof of the building with design building option, click Pause Building, Edit option will get selectable, click on Edit and then change the roof color twice.
On some cases you need to select a different color or material to make it work but it makes your builders to finish the building.
Hope that “quick fix” work for you

Just got the game and found out that the cottage for 2 is having the same issue mentioned above. Roof doesn’t build but everything else does. This game is awesome and can’t wait to play more!

By the way, want to welcome @Sam_van_den_Oetelaar, @Killparadise, @HearthBuilder81, @Paiva, and @jdelbs18 to the Discourse! Thanks for all the feedback on the bug :smile:!

just adding to this as i got an error screen


  1. i built a custom building
  2. parts of the building got stuck in process
  3. i added ladders to try and further building
  4. then i also did the actions recommended above on pausing construction, switching roof color
  5. then gave command to building building again

link to save

error 1

error 2

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I tried this step several times, didn’t seem to work properly for me.

Well, it worked for me every time the bug occurs. I will try to record it when happens again to see if i missed any step.

Just in my actual gameplay got that stuck bug i recorded it and uploaded here go to 0:50 and I tried to show how it get constructed again

I just have quite same as your error
When they build a new buildings. they build until it nearly complete but they stopped build roof in mid way.

Version alpha 0.13.0 build 2720

i made a custom gate house since there inst a gate house already in the game however the roof just wont build and the building is not complete, and i am unsure why, also are we not able to lock doors yet? or am i just not seeing the button to lock the door.

Hey again @Mishka! Unfortunately, it appears that the latest build (2720) broke roofs for many buildings! The developers have been off for the US Holiday of Thanksgiving, but should be back in full force tomorrow (Monday). As to doors, no, they are not lockable yet.

okay thanks. XD and at least i got a reply really quick love this game so far and the community seems nice. how did you get to become support?


Anyone can (and is encouraged) to provide as much support as they can/want here on the Discourse. If you are knowledgeable about a subject then by all means offer support. I learned mostly by being around the forum, reading others posts, and catching on. You also need to be willing to reply to others, give clear answers, and be willing to be corrected by others when you get something wrong (trust me, it will happen, I still don’t know everything and get things wrong myself!).