Builders Finish building without actually finishing

Builders finish building certain houses without actually finishing it

Doors and windows are put on the building but the roof is not finished and scaffolding is never taken down.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Build custom building
  2. Wait and see if builders finish

Expected Results:

Actual Results:



Version Number and Mods in use:

System Information:

Hey there @C0LoS, welcome to the Discourse! If you find a custom building that does not complete properly, please save it as a template and upload it to the thread below (instructions at the link):

The problem is you’ve built your house right against the cliff walls, leaving no room for the roof overhang.

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While I agree with silentsong, you should also check your availability of resources, although that’s usually more of an RC problem with wood. Having no wood to build the next scaffold will cause your workers to stop.

On the other hand, at which point should they be smart enough to leave a smaller part of the building unbuilt? Instead of the whole roof, only the conflicting part, for instance?

To heartling workers, it is their code of honor to build complete or not build at all!


silentsong you were right. I had more then enough resources but once i cleared off that overhang that was above the roof the workers went right back to work and finished the house. I didn’t realize the over hang was their covering the roof blocking the workers from their job. Thanks for all the help everybody. :sweat_smile:

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