[r162] Workers can't complete stone walled building because roof is completed before the walls are

When creating a stone-walled building, the workers sometimes can’t complete the building because the roof is built and in the way before the walls are finished

When making a stone-walled building, the workers sometimes finish one wall and then start working on the roof before the walls are complete. The workers already have wood in their hands from building scaffolding, so they go to the next task that involves wood, being the roof, even if the walls are incomplete.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a larger building with stone walls and a slanted roof
  2. make sure there is both stone and wood in a nearby inventory
  3. Have the workers start building
  4. Watch to see if the workers start building part of the roof after only a single wall has been completed
  5. The workers will be unable to complete any other walls because there is a roof in the way of where they need to stand.

Expected Results:
The walls being completed before the roof is started.

Actual results:
A single wall is often completed first, allowing the workers to start building the roof and obstructing the completion of the other walls.

Work around tried:
Buildings with flat roofs
Removing the unfinished structure (causing other bugs) and building out of only wood is a viable workaround

Make sure the walls are completed before allowing the workers to start on the roof.


ive been haveing the same thing happen with the dark wood walls the walls usually have 1-3 layers left when they finish the roof

thanks for the confirmation @Eternalvagabond… and are you seeing this on A7?

yes this was in A7 but i just tested it again and my workers got it right so not sure whats going on it happened several times the other day

I’ve had this happen with just a wooden building too, it had a part sticking out in front of the building, the parts in between the two roof sections should have been built too but were never finished. I have a screenshot, but can’t upload it at the moment (new user account)