Workers Idling and Not Building

Summary: From what I’ve read, this seems to be a common issue through various stages of the game. 6/8 of my settlers are perpetually Idle when I’ve deliberately left only the construction of my first building as a task.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. First I designed the building, of which they have completed the supports/ceiling/slabs/half of the beds, but left the walls/door/windows/other half of beds unfinished.
  2. I have attempted toggling the “Pause Building” button, as well as suspending all jobs for workers assigned to “Building”. I have also attempted reloading the save and closing out of the game entirely.
  3. I have craftsmen set to Auto Queue necessary furniture, of which below can be seen to be completed.

Expected Results: A completed Building/Dynamic Workers

Actual Results: Half a Building and Lazy WorkersXD


Attachments: -

Version Number and Mods in use: Release 687 with no mods

System Information:

The above picture, being Build Mode, shows of course the finished product. Here’s what it looks like in its current state. Please draw your attention to the myriad finished furniture on the ground before it

Apologies for bumping the heck out of my own thread, but after rooting through other posts, I tried putting ladders down at the bases of the walls. The workers would then successfully add to that specific section of wall and then stop. This made me realize they are completely forgoing the use of scaffolding.

It looks like your building has a roof built but not the walls built?

Welcome to the forum, @Christian_Cook :slight_smile:
They shouldn’t be building the roof before the walls.
Could you upload your savefile?

Also, what is that hole in the corner of the house? Did the hearthlings mine that when they were preparing the foundations, or was that done at another moment?

Good to be here, @Relyss :grin:
I’d be happy to upload it, as soon as I figure out if you want the client_state.bin, metadata.json, or server_state.bin.

Interesting that you mention that little detail; why yes, they did mine them in preparation for laying down the floor. As you probably assumed, this was not within the purview of my instructions.

I need all four files, the client, server, metadata and screenshot. You can put them into a zip for easier uploading.

The hole might be what broke it. They shouldn´t mine there if you didn´t draw any foundation there :disappointed_relieved:

Huh. That’s funny :smirk:

Here ya go, hope it helps! (3.7 MB)

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Recently new player to Stonehearth.

But I noticed that with the recent patch this issue has arisen once again, Construction progressed as normal and once the workers took a break for food they never resumed construction on the building.

I’ve checked the requirements for the building and have met the requirements and the building looks like it’s complete and only the scaffolding needs to be removed but no progress over two days (in game)

@Steven_Barna In my experience that happens when there is a spot that the hearthlings cannot reach and so all work stops until that one job can be completed. If you want someone to look at your building to see what is happening, you need to post a save file of that game. :merry: Good Luck!

Damn, I found a way around it and reconstructed the building. If it happens
again I’ll definitely do that in future.

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