Worker error- No more building after a point

As stated in title. My workers refuse to finish building the castle I set them forth to build, or the test building I set up outside of the castle. They start building, but after a point, they decide it looks better partially built and drop the project in favor of standing around outside to chat. They will jump to any new orders, such as moving an inventory after I disable a stockpile, or building something new, and they have the materials to finish the building. There is no reason why they shouldn’t be able to complete the structure.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Begin normal game- my particular loadout is as rayyas children in the desert on normal.
  2. Then, build something, like the workshop prefab with materials at the ready.
  3. Watch as they partially build it, then refuse to work any further.

Expected Results:
A finished building.

Actual Results:
A partially finished building.

Earlier on in the save, I put them to work to build a craftsman workshop to make a place to properly craft. They partially built it, then stopped, working on other projects. I figured they simply had too much on their plate, so I let them be, and continued working on the castle. However, after I stopped issuing orders, and waited for them to complete the castle, they simply refused to work on either.

Save file- Bugged save- Worker - Google Drive

Version Number and Mods in use:
Alpha 19.
No mods.
System Information:

There is a impromptu fix for this, although it ignores your resources. If you press ctrl+c to bring up the command console you can type in “ib”. This will build the building for you but at the same time ignore any resources or building supplies you prepared for it.

Ehh, for the sake of my castle design, I’m willing to cheat a little. Thank you for the workaround.
Still, the underlying issue needs to be addressed.

@CrusaderofTruth, the pottery studio on the outside is lacking materials, you’ll need to craft more clay bricks etc.

Concerning the interior rooms, hearthlings can’t build higher than that if they’re inside a mine, because their heads touch the ceiling, they need more space to be able to climb the scaffolding. You would need to mine the floor and 4 blocks tall layer above those rooms, I think (other users that tried it on the past might have better tips).

This might be addressed in the future with the reachability service. Thanks for pointing it out.

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I see. Thank you for the clarification, and the insight. I was under the impression the studio had the required materials.

And thank you for providing an explanation for the interior rooms. I do think that it would be nicer for the hearthlings to be able to make 4-unit high walls, for situations like this. I’ve already resumed with the ib command, and the now-temple complex has matured nicely, but progress is slow and clunky with the reach-ability issue. I’m certain some players want to build into mountains and even just tunnel right into the ground for their cities and castles, reminiscent of Dwarf fortress. Adding a bit of reachability may be a breach of realism, but I think it would add utility and be more fun overall.

I’ll stop harping on about the issue, as I’m sure you’ve heard it before. My thanks to Team Radiant for answering my report, and hopefully, ultimately answering the issue.

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