Unable to continue building

Hearthlings will not continue building building, unclear why

Steps to reproduce:

  1. load attached save game
  2. in Hearthling Therapist, set a worker to build only

Expected Results:
worker continues building building

Actual Results:
worker goes idle

Version Number and Mods in use:
a162970, no mods

System Information:
Windows 10 x64stockade_will_not_build.zip (6.2 MB)

yep, it seems when you suspend one job, they stop doing everything, its a really annoying bug.

It looks like Hearthlings can fully finish only simple constructions.
The more complicated the construction, the more chance for the AI to get lost in the process (requires more time to build, more scaffolding, etc). Enemy attack, another task given in the time of construction, hunger, sleep, save&reload, running out of materials - it all can mess up the AI and the whole process…

The wall below was built in 3 attempts (only):