Bug: Workers not building -> Worker trapped in an unfinished house

My Worker is trapped inside an unfinished building. Someone had placed down a door before the building has finished.
Meanwhile, the rest of my workers have stopped building, and are now idle, even though the building is not finished.
I have tried to make the workers build ladders but they aren’t doing anything

Steps to reproduce: Not sure, but start to make a building
2. Have the carpenter make a door

Notes: The workers have become idle a few times already, and i have tried to make them build by clicking the Build button again.But now they have completely stopped and i can’t make them build again

I have had workers get trapped in my building when they have placed decor but not yet have I had them stop building entirely… Have you made sure that you have all of the resources you need? Did you put on a slate roof and don’t have any stone in your inventory?

Saving and reloading often fixes the idle workers issue. As for the stuck worker issue… better hope it’s finished soon I guess :stuck_out_tongue: . Scaffolding in Alpha 5+ can be walked through at least, and you could try building a ladder inside the house to let him out, otherwise… yeah :frowning: .

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Building a ladder fixes this issue for me. :expressionless:

this happened to me as well. I had to wait for the building to finish first before placing furniture. I think the scaffolding has a bug where the workers can go through but can’t escape leaving them trapped until the building is finished, what happens when all the workers are trapped? how will we get things done without any free workers when they are trapped in a unfinished building? it’s like your workers are building their own jail.

All my little guys (8 of them) are trapped in the same unfinished shared sleep house and there hungry, but won’t or can’t leave, the house has no roof but there is scaffolding across the front door, all of them attempted to sleep in one of the four beds, but next morning they can’t or won’t leave, there is plenty of resources to finish the house.

so I’m lost at what to do, besides starting a new map.

Try to build a ladder out, if that doesn’t work, maybe a traveler will come and they build the ladder, if that doesn’t work, they are all dead. The alpha frontier is a brutal place.

I’ve just had the same thing happen to me. It was made worse because I was able to get a worker to join my settlement… and they appeared next to everybody… right in the middle of the shared building with scaffolding around the house preventing them from leaving.

I have that plus I have workers just idling when they have stuff queued up at their stations.

The only time they do stuff is when they need to eat or sleep. Outside of that, they never finish what items are queued up.

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I’ve had this same thing happen numerous times. I have to agree with RixiM - If you tell them to build a ladder, it usually helps.

As for the idle workers, sometimes you might just have to save and restart. That usually works for me.

I tried to build the dinning hall, but all my workers including the carpenter go to place items and end up getting stuck. Apparently they can go down on from the edges but cant get back up.

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Having the same issue. Have observe this by building 2 Houses ! First was the shared sleeping Quarters with 4 Beds. They build the House half finished, then one or 4 go in the House to build the 4 Beds. After this they cant leave the house because they cant walk through the scaffolding. Same by building the Dining Hall. They building it half finish and after this all try to build the dining Tables inside. After they gone inside they cant leave the buildin because they cant cross the scaffolding.

Trying to build a ladder gone fail because they dont have wood to build some.

Way i have found to fix that(currently) ist following:

Build a House but dont craft the furniture for the inside. wait till the house is build ready and after this craft the furniture. so they can leave the house after building up the furniture. And dont craft a Door before the House is completed. So renember: Furniture and Door just crafting after the House is builded. This is the only Way at the moment to evade the problem till it is fixed

Sry for my bad englisch :slight_smile:

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I actually had the scenario where all my workers got trapped. I had my carpenter creating the furniture while building. This was the sleeping quarters. Because the carpenter placed beds inside during construction, all of my citizens climbed into the building and got stuck. I had to just roll back to a previous save. Building a ladder won’t work if non of your citizens have wood to build one.

What I do is I build a ladder as soon as the floor is done (before the walls are started). I have the ladder follow a column up. This has fixed all the problems for me, whether or not I made doors and/or furniture first. I do wish the workers couldn’t teleport into bed, though.

Yeah, scaffolding just needs to allow clipping problem solved.
Edit: or maybe they could build a cool little temporary room around the entry way so it would get blocked like they do at the mall lol.

I actually had a scenario where everyone got stuck in either a dinning hall or the large house when it was all complete. the just went in to sleep or eat and then all when idle and I don’t think the save and reload worked. I’ll tinker with it more today as well as try the ladder on the inside trick.