[Con] Workers Traverse Unfinished Roof Area and Fall In

Alpha 4 Official Release

Workers trying to build a new house have traversed the open unfinished roof area and fallen down into central floor area of the unfinished building.

They are now trapped (because the scaffolding is covering the door) and are hopping up and down in a vain attempt to get out.

I believe earlier I saw a worker walk across the open unroofed area and not fall in.

I’m doubtful this is significant, but I noticed both workers who fell into the house were actually carpenters.

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If you could get some pictures or anything that would be really helpful @Dejin


I’m rather unsure, since there were no reports of falling in or anything like that and citizens instead seemed to kind of move freely through walls and such, but still—might this be related to this issue? The “hopping up and down” kind of reminded me of it. @Dejin, were you playing on fast speed at the time?

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This happened to me once on the unstable branch before the official release… rush and finish the building and your workers should exit the building and be fine. It is a race against time though because they may starve.

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It may be the same bug. My roof was much further along. In the video in the linked post, the side the worker falls in from the roof doesn’t look like it’s even been started yet. But that of course doesn’t mean it’s not the same bug.

I don’t recall being at fast speed at the time, although I’m not sure one way or the other. However, now that you mention it, I believe the time when I saw workers floating across the unfinished roof gap and not falling in, I was at 2x speed.

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I had another worker stuck in the middle of an unfinished building in my first Alpha Four game. At the time I didn’t know how she had gotten there, but I suspect it must have been the same bug. It was definitely very nerve-wracking because she was hungry! But I did manage to get her out.

A recording of the incident.

Private Brom: Captain! Our goblin trap has caught something!!
Captain Mer: Ummm… What is Olive doing inside the trap. . . And why are you calling this house a trap?
Private Brom: . . . . .
Captain Mer: -shakes head; Get back to the training dummy Brom. . .

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Oh, how I wish now that houses proved to be an effective trapping mechanism.

Stonehearth would never be the same.