Worker stranded on roof when building done

Seems different than previous pathing / stuck issues. This poor fellow just happened to be on the roof when the building completed, and the scaffolding disappeared before he came down.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Building builds as normal, completes, and is functional
  2. Worker is on roof as building completes
  3. Scaffolding is torn down before worker leaves roof

Expected Results:
Worker leaves roof :slight_smile:

Actual Results:
Got to edge of roof as scaffolding vanished, and just stopped.

I see he had wood he was carrying and now dropped - i wonder if another Hearthling finished the bit he was going to, and so “shouldn’t” have been there?

**Version Number and Mods in use:** No mods, on Steam [latest] but menu says 0.24.0 Build 841 x64. **System Information:** Win7 x64

Just add a ladder and he will go down, maybe taking that wood with him

Well yes (I can’t seem to find ladders, I haven’t played in a while… so I built stairs) which is fine to prevent the poor lil’ guy from starving - but it might be good to see if the situation is preventable in the first place :slight_smile:

ladders are next to the “place” tool (icon of a chair if memory serves well?, followed by a ladder icon?)

Found it, thanks. I never would have remembered it was part of that instead of “build stuff,” cheers!

Of note: I fell down the deep, twisty rabbit hole of making FO4 mods and haven’t fired up Stonehearth in ages. Rather pleasantly surprised at all the new things going on, it’s been amazing watching this from the beginning!

This should not happen on the new builder. Are you using the old one, by any chance?

It did happen to me as well. One got stranded on a roof and another one inside a small room that had no door (it was meant to be a thick wall).

Hi Max - not sure what you mean by new or old builder. I’m on the Alpha - latest channel via Steam (was a Kickstarter backer), and started a new game today.

Love seeing the polish coming in, btw, like the bird and a lot of the early-game additions.

@spacefiddle, the old builder is either of these two buttons, and the menus that appear on the left (either for designing a building, or for using templates):

The new builder is the third button, which opens the new building editor:

Which one did you use for building/placing that house?

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Ah. Then yes, I used the old builder to place a preset (far left).

You’ll have to place a ladder to rescue him, unfortunately. :confused:
This should not happen with the new builder.

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I… couldn’t find the ladder, at the time.
So I made stairs.