Maximum Build Height for Scaffolding


This may not be a bug but simply intended behaviour. But I wanted to check. For fun I thought I would try a single build that incorporated a series of platforms / structures at different elevations connected by stairs. A pure ‘can it be done’ test and not one to please the ascetics among us.

As you will see from the save file the workers stop building once the building got to a certain elevation. Is this expected behaviour? Many thanks.

1485859262396.7z (4.5 MB)

Version Number and Mods in use:
Game was started on release 699 (x64) but the save file is from release 700 (x64)

System Information:
Windows 10

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on a side note. Upon playing the save file again you will also get a ‘hearthling on severe low health’ message. It would seem a hearthling got trapped in walls? hard to be precise as I cannot see the hearthling. I demolished the building and the hearthling fell into the ground and becomes trapped in the ground itself, while the dust effects do not stop (similar to the visualisation bug that has been reported previously).

See screenshot.

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There were some unreachable blocks under the stairs that are on the unbuilt roof.
And the poor hearthling that was starving was indeed trapped between walls, with no way to escape :sweat:

Thanks for the savefile!