[A5 Unstable] Workers stop building

I had just started building and I decided to go ahead and plot my next building. However, when I finished making it, all progress on the first building was stopped and the workers moved on to the next building. Later on, I decided to organize my stockpiles a bit more, but when the workers finished they just idled while buildings were unfinished.

This is build 1665 also

Have you tried saving & reloading? It’s helped in similar situations :slight_smile: .

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I noticed that after building is started, if the individual gets hungry, after eating they do not continue building.

Hey Guys, i don’t know if you have the same bug as me, but it is very annoying (because we can’t play) and this bug hasn’t been fixed yet, since alpha 4 (I remember I already couldn’t build a whole house, unless I was lucky ) . In fact, villagers stop building half way through house.
According to me they stop building at night when they have to regroup near fire/when they sleep/eat.
I think it is a very important bug to fix.
Thanks for your paying attention !

(I can put give you a screenshot if you really need it, but I think it’s not necessary)

as in, they stop to rest… and then fail to resume, correct?

otherwise, they just need to take a break from time to time! :smile:

p.s. welcome aboard!

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:smile: Exactly ! , I can handle the other bugs, they don’t really disturb me, but this one prevents me to play :frowning:
( sorry if I make some mistakes, but i’m not english D: )

I can second this! For me it happens when its lunch time! They go to eat and stop working… Will never finish the building! I have also noticed that my Footman would stop patrolling and just stand idle and not even attack Goblins, but that was in 1665! I just got the latest patch now! So far nothing :stuck_out_tongue:

Could be a pathfinding bug - which saving & reloading often fixes.

The ability to deconstruct buildings would really help with this (I assume this would be a planned feature, haven’t had time to scan all posts); I honestly don’t mind having to start over half the time. But as-is an unfinished building stays just that, with scaffolding and all. Though mostly this seemed to happen with buildings too close to cliffs, etc.

For the unstable version though, buildings seem to be completed eventually as long as I don’t make the mistake of placing them too close to cliffs. Also, the ability for villagers to walk through scaffolding really helps. No more people trapped inside a large project!

Well, I am not sure how well this still works or not, but I did find a way to demolish/deconstruct buildings.

Hope this helps.