Workers Stop Building / Deconstructing (Alpha 11)

Workers randomly stop working on buildings, whether making them or tearing them down, for no apparent reason. It seems as if the workers get distracted with any other thing that happens, like if they get hungry or start working on another task, and completely forget what they were doing. They return to working on it when I change something about the area (pause building then continue building again) but eventually forget about it again.

TL;DR it feels as if workers are forgetting what they were doing (building specifically) previously and end up idling for no apparent reason.

Edit: I haven’t played this game in a while and I was reading the Attributes a little more and maybe this isn’t a bug and it’s just a feature of low Mind levels? Although, I’m pretty sure it isn’t because they completely forget about the project and go idle for long periods of time.

Edit 2: I posted an update below
Edit 3: I’m pretty sure I solved the building problem, however, I still don’t know why my workers stopped deconstructing.

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After running into this a few times I found it was usually due to section they can’t access. Check for a block missing or a section that is a layer lower than the rest of the construction and build ladders for them. 90% of the time I can get mine back to work :slight_smile:

Update: I believe the resources were too far for the workers to reach or something. I put all of my wood in crates and as soon as I moved a crate closer to the house they started using all of the wood from that. I’m pretty sure this is the issue I was having.

Apparently, workers do not like taking wood out of crates unless they’re a little closer to the thing you’re building. I have my crates next to my main stockpile yet they did not want to take the wood from them.


I’ve actually had this happen as well, a lot really. I haven’t been able to finish a single custom building. The house templates work fine though. I’ll have to try the crate trick, thanks for the tip :wink: