[Con] Cant build the house

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I wanted to build Shared Sleeping Quarters and my people just dont want to do that.


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hey there @DustEater … welcome aboard!

I’ve embedded your images, but would you mind elaborating on the bug? if you could, just list the specific steps to reproduce the issue… thanks!

Hey I have the same problem. A little window saying assertion failed shows up and the workers refuses to finish the building despite reloading the game and the workers think its invisible
i’am telling you these alpha stages are the pits. a potentially fun game and the buggy nature of the alpha makes it unplayable. that’s £24 I wont get back until the game is completedly bug free

thanks for the confirmation! [tagged]

I’m… not quite sure how to respond to this one… :smile:

alpha = bugs | bugs = (the possibility of) unstable gameplay

you might be better served by waiting another 6-9 months before jumping back into SH… :+1:

Im fully aware of ALPHA status.


  1. Gave many taska like: cutting trees (about 50), build the roads (already digged spaces for them), sent to the mine and finally build the house.
  2. I chosed a place for it.
    [IMPORTANT POINT] I had to stone as you can see on the screen on the left from the house near the mine. But house does not require stone.
  3. Minions were doing many things and they didnt know what to take first. Mostly they did was restocking magazines.
  4. Meanwhile restocking magazines some pilars were built.
  5. I went into EDIT menu clicked on the materials of the walls etc but I stayed with wood. And Start building. Error appears like on the 2nd screen

Giving a save is nonsense. I just already deleted building area and left those pilars alone. Just testing game further.

Summary:I had this problem too. I went to build a building, tried creating my own and a designed version. When building my own it refused to let me add a roof and for both wouldn’t let me press button to start construction.

Steps to reproduce:
Start to design a building;
Place down flooring, walls, windows and doors.
Choose roofing, click on building and error box pops up.

Try placing ready designed, click build! and error box pops up

Versions and mods: No mods, latest release version in Steam, 0.1.0, 2083

System information:
Windows 8.1
Intel Core i5-3230M CPU @ 2.60GHz
6GB Ram
64 bit operating system

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