A17 building bug (pause building)

I started on a new building, and while they started digging for the floor, I paused it so they could get silkweed and such, then when I started again, they stopped.
When I rejoin the world while “building” is on, it stays there and if I pause, it goes back to build.
If I pause, don’t go back it again, and rejoin, it will stay on “edit” mode, I press “Finished editing” and go on it again, back at edit mode, press “Finished editing” and rejoin, I get back to the previous problem

I have the same problem, Paused a building that they had just started to dig away the ground for the floor and they wont resume. The building is a custom template but it is a simple one floor square building so shouldn’t be any issues.

yeah, started a like 50x30, so just a little annoying…

It’s possible pause and resume has bugs … It would be very helpful to get a save file where this is happening. Can one of you please upload a save?
Thank you

I can’t find where the saves are stored, where are they located?

Never mind i found the save, how do i upload it?

Ok i figured it out, here is my save.

i have the same problem and it was on a shared cottage can someone give me a link to upload the file to so i can get a solution

We are looking into the reason for this now. It looks like if you pause the building, it will generate this bug. :frowning:
We’re looking into a fix.
Thanks for reporting this.


Same happened to me, designed a building then paused it for the workers to finish diggin the moat. When I went to resume building they just stand around doing nothing

I think I have just hit this same bug. After pausing a building for hearthlings to gather wood, when I go to resume it, the button says “Pause Building” even though it is currently paused. Hitting the pause button makes the button change to resume but seems to do nothing.

you can’t continue building if you have paused it.
the hearthlings will never start building again, if you pause it

I’ve noticed this as well. Also, after pausing a building, if I click on it again, it shows as currently building. I’ve learned to stop pausing buildings, lol.

New to this Place (not to the game) and im so irritated right now that this doesnt ahve a fix yet… (welp its been less than 24hours xD but STILL i thought a Stable upate would mean a Stable Update xD ) they’re still doing great though, with all those improvements :slight_smile:

Can confirm, have had to delete/instabuild with console a few times already.

I have getting the same issue.
If you pause a building at any stage it will not resume; even if they haven’t put a shovel in the ground.

Having the same issue. I have just avoided pausing buildings for now. =(

So basically, I went on my world and decided to do a custom build. Then, i decided to pause the build and work on another one for some reason. Once my hearthlings completed that build, i unpaused the first one and they just stood around, doing absolutely nothing. I tried this once more with another building, and the same results occurred.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. I paused the building.
  2. I unpause the building.
  3. Hearthlings dont move.

Expected Results:
Hearthlings regularly completing the build.
Actual Results:
They don’t do donkey doo.
Everything is in the summary.
Im new so I cant :frowning:
Version Number and Mods in use:
No mods, Alpha 17 latest update.
System Information:
Alienware, Windows 10 GTX 970M, Running on i7 intel core laptop

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I paused while building a Shared Sleeping Quarters to finish building a different building and now I can’t continue building the first one. It only says “pause” instead of “resume”. I have paused other buildings but I didn’t have another building being constructed at the same time.

I also am unable to build a custom building. Unsure if it’s because of the unfinished sleeping quarters or not.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Started a shared sleeping quarter.
  2. Started a second shared sleeping quarter.
  3. Paused the second sleeping quarter to finish the first one.

Expected Results:
I expected the second sleeping quarter to be paused so more workers could finish the first one faster, then they would be able to continue building the second one.

Actual Results:
Second sleeping quarter was paused, first one was finished, can’t get the workers to finish building the second one.



Version Number and Mods in use:
Release-584, no Mods in use.

System Information:

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I’ve merged your thread here because it sounds quite similar :slight_smile:

Thanks for reporting!