How do I finish building?

They built the other walls fine but suddenly now they might need a ladder they can’t handle it (technically because they don’t have enough headspace). Since they could build it from the ground before why can’t they just finish it? It’s going to make it impossible for me to finish my building which as you can see I have put a lot of work into so far.


Can you upload the savegame? It’s hard to tell what might be the problem without that context.

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Yep (This is the same save file as I am having the quality items not showing issue on, posting it to both in case someone needs it later for reference).

Also if I mine out a strip of blocks above the ladder side of the door it will build it… Since finding the tops of the doors is really quite a feat since you can’t see through the ground and it’s impossible to actually mine out thosetrips without cheats this is a problem. Also they don’t always put the ladders outside/inside the room so it swaps and changes every door…point there is you have to wait until they pick a side and then find the right spot and mine a strip with cheats :).

Hmm, I don’t see any in-progress buildings in that save.

EDIT: Nevermind. I see there are a couple unstarted buildings and those eventually end up with the issue in your screenshot. I’ll pass it on to the building folks for investigation.

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Oh sorry, that save must have the mined out 1 block above the doors ha ha