Building not beeing finished

The building i have added here cant be finished, dont know exactly whats wrong with it, its not that difficult?

1516390072961.7z (3.4 MB)

Its in the steam unstable branch. Only “weird” thing i did, maybe, was the way i used the secondary floor for the rampart.

Did you try to place a ladder next to the berry bushes? Sometimes I have to do that when the scaffolding is too close and or on top of the berry bushes (which is a little annoying). Hope that helps.

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Il try it right now and see how it goes, if i move the berry bushes wont that help to?


Tobad it didnt work, tried both moving them and adding ladders

edit 2: dont know why but i just rebuild the entire thing - this time i used normal blocks instead of 2e floor blocks for the ramparts… and it finished without a hitch. Il see if i can get some steps to reproduce it

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