I have a little Issue with a building in specific

I’m having a problem with this building, because Hearthlings won’t tear down the scaffholding on the lower plant, therefore they can’t place the furniture. If anyone who know about this can give me a hand, I will widely appreciate it

Greenledge Save File.zip (7.0 MB)

Version Number and Mods in use: No mods, Versiion 0.22.0 Release737 x64 build

System Information: 3,50 Ghz. 64 bit Operative System, AMD-FX six-core precessor. Windows 7 ultimate

Thank you already!

First of all: like the design, thx for a new template :slight_smile:

I wasnt able to finish the existing building, so i saved a template and build it again.

Often i noticed that issues are caused by furniture, so i removed all, except doors and windows. Noticed that 2 fenceparts were clipping into the building.

Without furniture the building was completed.

So save a template, tear it down, remove all furniture and rebuild it. Add furniture when its finished :wink:

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Thanks. It worked, and I’m glad you liked the design. EDIT: I rebuilt the building, the only fault was from the fences. Just get rid of 'em and replace them with floor tiles. After doing that, everything else should work just fine

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can we get a screenshot? :slight_smile: